Meat is partially water

Yes, meat is pumped full of brine which costs less than meat.  Water is also heavy and meat is usually sold by the pound.

But the normal rules don’t apply in the meat industry — heck, the meat industry gets to write its own rules — so most consumers don’t know that 90 percent of all pork, 30 percent of chicken and 15 percent of beef are plumped up with brine.

That’s just salt water, and the industry claims it’s there to replace moisture lost during cooking.

But the real reason supermarket meat is pumped full of saltwater is to pump money out of your wallet. Since up to 40 percent of your “meat” can be brine, $10 in chicken is really $6 in chicken and $4 in salt water.

It should be illegal, but it’s not. As long as “solution added” or a similar term is on the label, it’s all OK under the current rules — even if the phrase is hidden somewhere in the fine print.

That’s why you’ve probably never heard of this until now.

Under the proposed new rule, the added water content would have be right up front: “chicken breast — 40% added solution” or something along those lines, right on the main label.”


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