Media Bias

September 28, 2011

For a blatant example of anti-Ron Paul bias just look at this headline, which is so obvious.  Why is the media so intent on marginalizing Paul´s campaign.?  I sense that the media represents the interests of the power elite which does not want a real reformer like Paul to win.


We need to stop the TSA

September 18, 2011

For those (like Michael Moore) who believe that more bigger government is the answer to everything should take a look at the mess that the government has made with the TSA, which combines incompetence, mindless political correctness, and an indifference to civil rights.  We already have a mini-police state in our airports.  We need to be vigilant that we do now allow the government to further extend the police state.  We have lost habius corpus, and we have the patriot act.  Enough already.

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Originally published June 27 2011

Huge public outcry over TSA forcing 95-year-old cancer patient to remove adult diaper

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The TSA has once again shown itself to be an agency utterly lacking in respect for human dignity by forcing a 95-year-old cancer patient to remove her adult diaper during the screening procedure. Jean Weber, a leukemia patient, underwent the humiliating procedure at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport where TSA agents, as usual, claim to be “protecting the public from terrorism.” (You have to question the intelligence, obviously, of any federal employee who believes that terrorists are hiding weapons inside the diaper of a 95-year-old cancer patient. More on that below…)

Outrage over the “adult diaper pat-down” has rapidly spread across the internet as more and more people are waking up and realizing the TSA has no concept of human dignity and can justify anything — yes, anything — as part of the “war on terror.” The TSA even justified this adult diaper pat-down, claiming what they did was conducted in a “respectful and sensitive manner.”

Is respectful and sensitive raping next?

That’s the same phrase they’re going to use when they start conducting even more invasive body cavity searches on American travelers. It’s no stretch to imagine the TSA soon explaining, “We reached into the anus of those 43 passengers to look for explosives in a respectful and sensitive manner.” Or better yet, “We raped those teenagers by fondling their genitals and exploring their body cavities in a respectful and sensitive manner.”

Adding the words “in a respectful and sensitive manner” to the crimes they are committing does not magically nullify the crimes themselves. TSA agents are criminal perverts, molesters and rapists who combine an over-inflated sense of their own importance with a stunningly sick lack of respect and dignity for fellow human beings.

They’re also ridiculously ineffective at actually increasing the security of air travel: While they’re busy checking infant diapers for poop bombs and adult diapers for terrorist weapons, they routinely miss handguns and other items that are blatantly thrown in carry-on bags and carried right onto airplanes.

Singling out the elderly for extensive pat-downs

To give you a glimpse into the world of idiotic logic used by the TSA to justify its pathetic existence, this adult diaper pat-down was explained by Sari Koshetz, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration in Miami, who said, “During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm.”

Wheelchairs, it turns out, always trigger an alarm. So the TSA spends an inordinate amount of time checking the underwear of all the people who can’t walk. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that 95-year-old people who can’t walk are probably not likely to carry out terrorist attacks on airplanes. But this concept is apparently too advanced for the TSA geniuses who have mastered the art of stripping common sense out of every rule and regulation they’re given.

But here’s the most asinine part of this whole event: After the TSA took off her diaper, they complained that it was “soiled” and was impeding their search. (“How can we find bombs with all this crap in the way?”) They then requested the diaper be changed to a new, unsoiled diaper, but the traveling family did not have a spare diaper available. What? No diaper? That’s probably because they didn’t expect their own government to treat their 95-year-old grandma like a terrorist and remove her only diaper!

Perhaps the TSA should issue new guidelines to travelers so they’ll be better prepared:

• Bring a spare set of diapers in case we make you change them.
• Bring a spare set of underwear in case we accidentally rip your existing set as we remove it.
• Leave your dignity at home. You won’t be needing it anymore.

TSA says it did no wrong!

TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz, meanwhile, explained the fascinating reasoning behind all this by babbling like an idiot robot: “TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit that vulnerability.”

In other words, TSA agents are too stupid to assess the risk of terrorism by looking at people (or talking to them, like Israeli security forces do), and they are equally terrified by everyone. Imagine moving through the world with this level of mental retardation — TSA agents who walk down the street on a dark night are just as terrified of a 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair as they are by a young gang banger wearing gang clothes and carrying a large knife.

The TSA seems to have lost the ability to distinguish between high security threats and low security threats… and these are the people running airport security! Any terrorist that actually tries to get on an airplane with explosives must be amused by the fact that all the TSA agents are busy checking the diapers of senior citizens for poop bombs and are therefore too distracted to deal with real terrorism threats.

TSA employees need new work as diaper changers

While TSA employees absolutely suck at security, they do seem to be particularly well-skilled at changing the diapers of incontinent senior citizens. This brings up a new job opportunity for them, actually: Fire the TSA and offer their ex-workers new jobs changing diapers at nursing homes and assisted living centers. It would be far more helpful to society and might actually teach these people something about caring for fellow human beings.

It’s time for America to stand up against the undignified and truly outrageous treatment of our veterans, grandmothers, and even infant babies at the hands of utterly idiotic TSA agents who claim to be “merely following orders.” That was the excuse of every Nazi Germany soldier, of course, who committed atrocities against humankind. Any idiot can “just follow orders.” What we need is some intelligent people who will refuse those orders if they violate basic human rights (not to mention Constitutional law).

TSA agents are reincarnated Nazi soldiers who merely follow orders

What the TSA’s behavior really proves is that some human beings will do ANYTHING if their government hires them to do it. TSA agents would shoot Jews if they were so ordered. They would sexually molest babies if that was a TSA rule. They would arrest and torture travelers using high-voltage electricity if that was required in the TSA manual. (The Milgram experiments readily proved this, by the way.) (

There is nothing these TSA agents won’t do in the name of “security.” And that’s what makes them such an Orwellian nightmare. These are not people, they are animals because they lack the basic prerequisites of humanity: Compassion for fellow human beings, empathy and a recognition of basic human dignity. But they’re perfect for government jobs, of course, because government doesn’t care about human dignity either!

I’ve warned you many times here on NaturalNews about the TSA and its rise to Nazi-like power. This is the agency that’s becoming the new secret police in Amerika. If we do not stop this insanity right now, this agency will treat us all like their own private sex slaves, all while justifying it under some idiotic security regulation.

Remember: These events prove that TSA agents will do anything they are ordered to do. If so ordered, they would round people up and send them off to gas chambers. They would put a bullet in your head if there were a TSA regulation requiring such an act. They would kidnap and torment fellow human beings merely out of some sort of twisted, sadistic pleasure they get from exerting power over others. If you ever wondered how Nazi soldiers could have committed such heinous crimes against humanity in the 1930’s and 40’s, look no further than the TSA! You are witnessing Nazi soldiers reincarnated as American government employees.

The TSA is hiring, by the way. You get full government benefits for as long as the U.S. federal government still exists and the dollar has any value. You also get to fondle people’s junk and assert your false authority over innocent travelers. That’s a huge turn-on to the class of thuggish perverts who now heavily populate the ranks of the TSA.

Rick Perry and vaccines

September 14, 2011

I’m happy to say that this Republican primary is turning out to be surprisingly fresh. Ideas that were not talked about years go are being brought up.  The last Republican debate was surprisingly lively. I think there’s a feeling that this election cycle the Republican masses are going to be more skeptical and demanding of the candidates. The days when all the Republican candidate had to do was wave the flag and talk about homosexuals, abortion and guns, are hopefully over.

I am happy to see that Perry has been stung by his worrying links to mandating vaccines and big Pharma payoffs. It is nice to see this topic being brought up. I’m also not happy about Perry’s stance on immigration which is very soft.

On the positive side Perry has dared to openly question global warming, and has called Social Security a Ponzi scheme.  Such honest language is very refreshing.


Dear NaturalNews readers,

I first wrote about Rick Perry’s illegal pushing of deadly HPV vaccines in 2007 (

There, I revealed how Mike Toomey, a Merck lobbyist, also worked in the Perry administration in Texas. Toomey and Perry conspired to claim that HPV vaccines were now “mandatory” for all Texas girls, even though they knew that such claims were a complete hoax. (There was never a law that required mandatory HPV vaccines in Texas.)

Heck, I even published a CounterThink cartoon on the subject back in 2007:

I remember that, after publishing this story in 2007, the criminal vaccine pushers of the world tried their best to criticize my article, claiming that vaccines were “saving lives” and that Rick Perry was a courageous governor to protect public health by forcing people to get these shots. I was “irresponsible” for criticizing Perry over his HPV vaccine mandate, they insisted. Of course, these were all paid trolls working for Big Pharma…

Just four years later, the tide has turned against vaccines. Now Rick Perry is being publicly attacked over his 2007 vaccine mandate hoax, and he has been forced to publicly apologize for his vaccine-pushing behavior. During the debates, other candidates such as Bachmann used Perry’s vaccine-pushing history to beat him over the head with criticism.

This shows how we’ve won the info war against vaccines. And that’s probably because parents are increasingly realizing just how many children have been harmed or killed by vaccines — autism, seizures, neurological damage, comas and even death are all side effects which are provably connected to vaccines.

Here’s a summary of why Rick Perry is in so much hot water today for his vaccine pimping history from 2007:

Why the Poor are Poor

September 14, 2011

If you don’t already know about the NPR program planet money, I recommend that you listen to it if you want to be informed about economic and financial issues. The program is unusually bold in tackling normally taboo subjects in the traditional media. They have talked about how the Social Security trust fund does not exist, the problems that have developed due to patent law, and other worms that lurk just below the rock. If I want complain of the program is that it does not go far enough in investigating controversial topics. Still, in general it does a much better job than the vast majority of other similar programs.

I was recently listening to an episode of planet money and they came across this snippet.

“Job training.

When economist James Heckman was studying the effects of job training programs on unskilled young workers, he found a mystery.

He was comparing a group of workers that had gone through a job training program with a group that hadn’t. And he found that, at best, the training program did nothing to help the workers get better jobs. In some cases, the training program even made the workers worse off.


The problem was that the students in the training program couldn’t learn what they were being taught. They lacked an important set of skills which would enable them to learn new things. Heckman, a Nobel-Prize-winning economist, calls these soft skills.

You might not think of soft skills as skills at all. They involve things like being able to pay attention and focus, being curious and open to new experiences, and being able to control your temper and not get frustrated.

All these soft skills are very important in getting a job…”

Essentially what the studies have shown is that job training for the poor has achieved almost nothing, because too many of the very poor lack even the most basic skills to be able to get and keep the job.  Before they can learn how to be a carpenter, they have to learn basic concepts like arriving to work every time, being responsible, having decent judgment, being able to get along with others, treating customers with courtesy, and showing a reasonable amount of dedication to one’s job.

Unfortunately far too many of the very poor lack even the most basic habits and skills that are necessary to find and keep employment. Employers are simply not interested in hiring people that are incompetent. The left would like everyone to believe that the very poor are poor due to discrimination or a lack of opportunity. The argument goes that if only society the government could give them a chance, then everything would turn out okay. But, what the studies show is that, for most of the very poor, it is not a lack of opportunity that keeps people down, but their own ineptitude and bad habits. Even humble jobs require people to be responsible and to show decent judgment. Those who lack the skills will have a very hard time finding any kind of stable work.  I don’t want to say that everyone who is at the very bottom of the economic scale is necessarily an incompetent worker, the studies show that a strong majority are.  This is why immigrant Hispanics, who are very often poorly educated and may not even speak the language, but often are frequently eager to find and keep work are routinely hired instead of poor blacks.  So many poor blacks are such poor employees, that most employers would prefer to hire an illegal immigrant instead. For example I saw a construction site in Detroit, and the people working on it were Hispanics. One would think that in a city with such poverty as Detroit would have a huge pool of very eager workers to choose from. However, that does not appear to be the case, since many employers prefer to hire uneducated illegal Hispanics instead.  In many markets whites are too well-educated, and blacks consider it beneath their dignity to do menial labor, so Hispanics provide a group of people who are willing to take such jobs. I remember being in Washington DC, where most of the retail workforce is black, and what struck me when I went into stores was how poor the service was by so many of the black employees.

Before go on I just want to clarify one thing. In the previous paragraphs I am referring to the essentially unemployable poor, who lack the basic ability or desire to get and keep a steady job. I do not necessarily want to confuse these people with the working poor. Many people in America do modest jobs and work very hard, and are responsible employees. They don’t make a lot of money often times, so they are frequently considered to be part of the poor, but they are different from the anthologized underclass. The working poor generally tend to be responsible and contribute to society. The nonworking poor are much more likely to get into trouble, and to be a drain on society.

Despite the fact that getting ahead in the job market is not easy, the reality is that the American economy tends to reward those who work well, and to exclude those who are incompetent. Even people that may not have much education, if they’re reasonably hard-working and responsible and stick to their profession, in the long run they should do okay. Maybe not great, but they should be able to have reasonably steady work. The fact is that most employers reward good employees most of the time. There are always examples of bad management, but well-run companies in a competitive environment to better when they recognize their best employees and reward them.

Another facet of the planet money podcast, is the comment that the recession is affecting groups of people very differently. Those that are the hardest hits tend to be the less educated, while college graduates, and especially those with technical and higher than degrees, are doing much better. What this shows is that the economy demands high-quality workers, but has a surplus of low-quality workers. A biotech engineer can basically name his job and make a very good salary, while a construction worker struggles to find any work for poor pay.

Planet money goes with the conventional wisdom that a college education makes all the difference in terms of success in life. I believe, that while this may be true in certain technical fields, it is not a college education that makes people successful generally, but the fact that a college degree self-selects for those who tend to have higher IQs and to be academically inclined.  In other words being able to get into a selective university and do well academically, is a good indicator of whether one also has the ability to do well in office type jobs.

The conventional wisdom is that if the typical poor kid from Harlem could only get into Harvard, the university experience would transform him, and he would leave after four years with all the innate abilities needed to compete for high-end jobs. Conversely if the upper income Jewish kid never manages to go to college, he will probably end up with some menial job, and a spotty employment record.  Common held belief that college is a great transformer, should be said to Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and a whole host of other incredibly successful people who have done very well in life without the benefit of higher education.

I believe that in most cases a poor black kid from Harlem would not be trans-formed by going to Harvard, and that smart talented and hard-working and ambitious people, will generally do well, whether they get a higher education degree or not.  If prestigious universities are able to skim off, or cherry pick the smartest and the most ambitious members and society, then it’s not surprising that that select few will tend to do well in life. But, their success has little to do with the education that they received, and much more to do with the fact that they have always been more talented from the beginning. In the early 1970s a very limited number of extremely talented students had the opportunity to study at University. This group of elites has gone on to be extremely influential and successful in Chinese society. The graduates from that period have done well in life, not because the education that they received at university was so wonderful (and it probably was not), but because the competitive nature of the selection process was able to distill a group of the smartest and most ambitious people in the country.  A similar process goes on with Harvard graduates, who tend to be water walkers before they even enter. It is not surprising that so many of them tend to do well in life, but their success has little to do with the actual education that they receive, and everything to do with the selection process that only lets in the very best.

In the past, when generally only the best students went on to college, getting a degree was a strong indicator of being part of a cognitive elite. That’s why college degree really meant something, and that is why an Ivy League degree still means something.  However, over the last few decades as college education has been transformed from a small elite, to something that most young people participate in, the value of a generic college degree has steadily gone down. In an age when more than half of young people study at University, the idea that college graduates represent a competency elite has been greatly undermined.

The reality is that in America the curriculum is extremely similar among our thousands of institutions of higher learning. The quality of teaching also tends to be fairly similar. So, what distinguishes the success rate of Harvard graduates, over graduates from slippery rock State College, is not the actual quality of education, but the quality of students who are allowed into the institution.

After many years of teaching, I can tell you that the single greatest factor influencing whether a class will learn not, depends upon the quality of the students. Yes, teaching does matter, but the quality of students is even more important. Bright, eager and interested students practically teach themselves. Progress is quick, teachers feel appreciated, and generally there’s a good atmosphere in the classroom. On the other hand, students who are unmotivated, have discipline problems, or simply don’t have the facility to learn well, tend to be very hard to teach.  Progress is slow, and teachers can burn out quickly from all the frustration. I believe that most of the poor quality teaching that occurs in low income schools, has less to do with the fact that teachers are not able to teach, but that too many of them burn out from so many years of stress and frustration. Having students who learn slowly can be frustrating, but having students who have open disdain for their teachers and classes, is a good way to create teachers who eventually stop trying.  After all, teachers are giving of themselves to help the students. If it is made very clear that the students could care less about learning or their teachers, this sends a strong signal to the teachers to stop trying so hard.  Teachers feel most motivated and satisfied when the students are progressing, and are appreciative and responsive to the efforts made by the teacher in the classroom.

When people refer to “bad schools” they like to suggest that poor schools are that way, because of a lack of funding or because the teaching staff is incompetent. The reality is that many low income schools are actually well funded, and have well-qualified teachers who want to do a good job.  Despite this they almost all do poorly. The reason why the schools do poorly is principally because the students themselves are poor. They tend to have low IQs, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, they can be antisocial, unmotivated, etc.  I classroom full of these students is going to be very difficult to turn around. Despite isolated success stories, no one has been able to find a winning formula to turn around failing schools. Every reform imaginable has been tried, but no one has found a way to consistently turn around underperforming schools.

In sum I just want to make the point that our innate abilities hugely influence how well we tend to do in life. Politically correct America does not want to admit this, because they want to continue with the pretense that we are all equal, and that any differences in success are entirely due to opportunities, or discrimination, or other external factors beyond the control of the individual in question.


Eat with your left hand

September 14, 2011

If you have problem with mindlessly eating too much while watching TV, think about eating with your non-dominant hand.  Doing so helps you to break the automatic habit of stuffing yourself while in front of the screen.

EU extends music copyrights by two decades

September 14, 2011

Yet another victory-by the EU this time-of the well connected and powerful, against the interests of the average citizen. Such privileges-extending for decades and decades-really benefits the insiders, while requiring the public to pay for things that ought to be in the public domain.

Hidden Sources of MSG

September 14, 2011

On the the biggest dietary and health dangers nowadays is MSG in our foods.  Most people are not fully aware of the problem, and the government allows food producers to hide them MSG under the name of a variety of other products.


Yeast extract is hidden source of MSG in your food: Here’s where its found

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Just about everyone who visits Natural News knows that MSG should be avoided. But crafty food processing firms have found ways to disguise MSG’s most active ingredient — free glutamate. There are several ingredients and names used. And they all contain some free glutamate. Free glutamate is the active ingredient of mono-sodium glutamate, or MSG.

Loopholes and Deceptions

A loophole is provided by the legislated labeling laws. It’s within a section that says if the free glutamate or glutamic acid is less than 78% of an additive, it doesn’t have to be labeled MSG. So if you’re getting a flavoring ingredient that’s 75% glutamic acid, it can be labeled solely by whatever form in which it appears. Then the MSG term won’t be on the label to push concerned consumers away.

Another deception is the food industry’s claim that glutamate occurs naturally. It does very sparingly appear in plants bound with a protein or other molecules. Bound glutamates are benign, and they are not concentrated enough proportionately in foods to create much “excitement.”

But synthetically produced glutamic acid is a glutamate that is free from other molecules. And whether it is 7.5% or 75% free glutamate it can avoid the MSG labeling while delivering high doses of glutamic acid or free glutamate in each bite of food spiked with whatever enhanced flavoring additives are named.

It’s cheaper to use these chemical additives than more expensive oils and natural spices for enhancing food flavors. But it cheats by exciting the brain’s cells into making you believe the flavor is in the food and not just in your head. So one buys and eats more cheap dead food while getting fatter with less nutrition, to say the least.

Some processed natural foods with additives containing free glutamates, such as yeast extracts, claim “no added MSG,” which is technically accurate but very deceptive.

A restaurant owner who doesn’t use MSG can pass on this deception because that owner doesn’t know all the food industry tricks for the items he uses, sauces and dressings for example, that contain free glutamates disguised with different labels.

There are many MSG or glutamate disguises. Even “natural seasonings” is used. Click “List of food additives on labels that contain free glutamic acid or glutamates” link in the sources section below for many more.

Yeast Extract contains free glutamate

Yeast extract is a very common flavor enhancer that doesn’t even appear to be a flavor enhancer. After all, yeast is food and it’s used for baking, right? As a matter of fact, the name yeast extract is so food-like it is confidently marked on the labels of many “natural” processed foods, some of which are sold in health food stores.

Ingredients such as “yeast extract,” or “autolyzed yeast,” and “hydrolyzed yeast” all contain a percentage of free glutamates or glutamic acids. Here are some examples of foods with yeast extracts while saying no MSG. These are extracted from the Truth in Labeling (.org) website:

* McKay’s Chicken Style Instant Broth and Seasoning

* Spice Boquet Adobo Seasoning

* Nightlife Foods Tofu Pups

* Simply Organic Spicy Chili

* Hain Pure Foods All Natural Chicken Broth and Vegetable Broth

* Blue Diamond Almond Toppers

* Farm House Parmesan Pasta (General Mills Sales, Inc.)

* Dominique’s New England Clam Chowder

* Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing

If you’re not buying fresh produce or bulk foods, you need to read those labels closely. And take that list promoted by this article with you.

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