Bill Clinton´s new Diet

Bill Clinton has lost 24 pounds on a new mostly vegan health diet (see video below).  I do not completely share the views of the doctors, because I think that animal products if they are truly organic from healthy animals, can and probably should be incorporated in moderation into a balanced diet.  I wonder if Clinton´s wonderful results are less to do with cutting out all animal products, and more to do with simply cutting out all of the processed, unhealthy, chemical laden animal products that infest our food supply.  After all meat, milk and eggs as we know them are not healthy products because they are full of chemicals and come from completely unhealthy factory farms.  I believe that quality saturated fats are necessary and have been overly demonized.  Also sugar and starch can easily lead to metabolic syndrome which in tern leads to: diabetes, obeisity, hard disease, cancer, brain aging, etc.

The real key I believe to improving our diet is to eat a varied and moderate diet and make sure to consume organic, minimally processed, and high quality foods.  In other words, to avoid most of the things that you find in the supermarket.  Our food supply is poisoned and we need to get away from it.  If we all ate like our great grandparents, I believe that we would be a lot healthier.


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