Vacation in San Lucar de Barrameda, Cadiz Spain

I recently went on vacation in San Lucar de Barrameda in Cadiz in the south of Spain.  San Lucar is a small town located along the southern Spanish coast which is typified by tourism and wine production.

The good: San Lucar is actually a relatively attractive town containing an old part with narrow traditional streets and plazas, and a new part with some quite nice houses. It’s not in wonderful shape, but it’s okay and a decent place to stay on a budget. It has a few small historical things to visit within walking distance of the center, such as the gardens of the City Hall, and the old town. There also several wine cellars in the town that produce the typical sherry like wine of the region. People can go on a tour and see the barrels of wine, which is interesting if you have never done it before.  It is also a good place to go if you like to eat and drink alfresco, because there is no shortage of reasonably priced bars and restaurants serving a variety of Tapas and drinks.  The smallest tapas cost two euros, and a glass of beer is about €1.2. I would say that San Lucar is a reasonably attractive place to go if you’re on a budget.  Finally, people tend to be friendly.

The bad: the worst part of San Lucar for me was simply the constant noise. At least in summer it is very difficult to get any peace and quiet in this town. There are constant kids screaming everywhere, and there are these motor scooters all over the place making noise, hysterically barking dogs are positioned strategically around the town, and finally there is no shortage of concerts on the weekend on maximum volume.  In sum, you’re sensitive to noise, this is not the place to go. It is difficult to get any peace and quiet anywhere in San Lucar.  Even the people are very noisy. The Spanish in general are very loud, spending the day shouting, but in San Lucar it seemed even worse.  Another weakness of San Lucar is that the beach really is not great. The sand is generally okay, but deeper in it has a muddy bottom so the water is not very clear, and it has some-at least occasional-pollution problems (probably coming from the passing cargo ships). I never went swimming once there, but chose to drive to another beach where the water looked cleaner and was more inviting.

In conclusion: San Lucar de Barrimeda in Cadiz, Spain is a decent place to stay if you’re on a budget, enjoy reasonably priced drinks and tapas, want to be in the typical southern Spanish town, and are looking for friendly people.  Please avoid it like the plague if you are sensitive to noise, and looking for some peace and quiet.  The beach is also a bit of a disappointment.


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