MSM bias

This is a great video by Don Harrold.  It is just another example of how the MSM is completely in bed with the corrupt power structure and works to marginalize honest reformers like Ron Paul.  Also it shows how the establishment and the Republican party are working overtime to coop the Tea Party.  Can´t destroy the movement so take it over and neutralize it.

The mainstream media cannot stand that someone like Ron Paul would actually have a chance of winning, so I see now how in the early days they are working overtime to shape public perceptions of who are the lead candidates and who is expected to win. Of course the media promotes the candidates who are the most corrupt and embed with the existing power structure. In other words, the media heartily supports those who have sold out. People with integrity, like Ron Paul, must be marginalized by the media. I’m afraid that so many people only get information from the mainstream media hype that they haven’t even considered Ron Paul because he’s not on their TV screens all the time.

This is why the American public needs to wake up and elect their own candidates, not just the ones they have been spoon fed by the mass media.  If we simply follow the MSM we will probably never get a real reform candidate, and the cycle of Bush, Obama… will go on and on. Problems will get worse, and no one will be interested in fixing them because that would go against the selfish interests of the power brokers.  We need a genuine reformer to lead this country, and were going to have to look beyond the mainstream media if we are going to get it done.


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