Get Out of the Dollar

I like this article from Moneynews.

“…In other words, stagflation (stagnant growth, yet high inflation) will be the name of the game for a while longer. That’s not good for job creation, consumer spending, etc.

And don’t figure on the government being able to pick up the slack. State and local governments are still strapped and the federal government has to still cut more spending.

Therefore, since this picture isn’t likely to materially change anytime soon, I know it’s still a prudent thing to get some assets outside of the U.S. dollar and into other superior assets.

It’s no wonder that gold, the Swiss franc, Aussie dollar and Singapore dollar all hit new 52-week highs against the greenback this week. In fact, the franc and gold are hitting all-time highs against the buck.

So obviously, some people are starting to finally see the light and steer clear of the “sinking economic ship” that the U.S. is on right now and instead put some money into countries that aren’t devaluing their currencies through printing money or by taking on too much debt.

Believe it or not, there are still some sound places to invest in the world. They are rare … they are few for sure. But they are out there. These economies mentioned above can make great havens away from the fallout of the U.S. dollar.

About the Author: Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman is a member of the Moneynews Financial Brain Trust. Click Here to read more of his articles. He is also the editor of Money Matrix Insider. Discover more by Clicking Here Now.”


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