The Norwegian Terrorist

We have recently had the tragedy of the terrorist incidents in Norway. At first people assumed that maybe Al Qaeda did it, but as far as I can tell was done by a right-wing extremist who is sick of political correctness and immigrants.
The easiest thing to do in such a situation is to blame the right-wing and to enforce even greater political correctness on the country. But, despite the fact that I completely condemn such violence, I do think that maybe it would be wise to stop for a moment and reflect upon why this man was so frustrated that he would do such an extreme act. I think that this terrorist is merely the sharp edge, or most extreme manifestation, of a generalized frustration that so many people in the West feel about having endless political correctness shoved down their throats. From what I have read it has become clear to me that Norway-like the United States-is in the grips of a certain politically correct tyranny. Lots of people are frustrated, but the powers that be appeared to be oblivious and indifference to responding to these complaints. Instead, what we get is the usual mentality and policy from the elites of more politically correctness full speed ahead. In other words, the powers that be are out of touch with so many people, are not interested in responding to their frustrations.
When this happens tensions build and build with no appropriate outlet, until some extremist decides to express his anger in an act of mass violence.
What the terrorist is angry about is the immigration situation in Norway. The country, like most of Europe, has taken in large numbers of immigrants, especially from the Muslim world with disastrous consequences. These new immigrants, far too often, are engaging in crime, violence and other social pathologies, all of this in a country which is traditionally used to having a citizenry exemplified by courtesy, self-control, respect and obedience to the law. The new immigrants to often represent just the contrary, and it is causing a real problem in terms of violence and crime in Norway, as well as creating a growing economic problem.
The elites may be isolated from these problems within their lily white enclaves and special security details, but normal Norwegians have to live with the effects of growing crime, violence, poverty and assorted antisocial behaviors, and a lot of Norwegians are getting very unhappy at the direction at which their country is going, and how their leaders are actively facilitating and encouraging the very process that is leading to their downfall. Since there leaders won’t listen to the people, being trapped in a politically correct bubble, tensions are bound to rise to the boiling point, and unfortunately violent acts like we have seen can happen.
I think it would be useful for the status quo in Norway reflect upon what is happening.


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