The New

I find the new YouTube to be worse than the old YouTube. Not content to plasterer banner ads on top of the YouTube content (which was already crossing a line), now they have decided to place full screen ads before people can watch the YouTube videos and a half selected. To me this is just an additional irritation.
I also find that the new control bar at the bottom of the screen is more difficult to use than the old one. Apparently it’s okay to place banner ads on the screen, or even block the presentation with an advertisement, but apparently having a full time fix control bar at the bottom of the screen is too much to ask. So, they decided to have a control bar at the bottom which collapses every time it is not used. What this means is that when I call up the control bar it starts blocking part of the screen that I’m trying to watch. Not only that, but the controls are hidden from me until I click on the screen. The whole thing is just fiddly and unnecessarily complicated. Why not just leave the control section visible like it always has been? The only reason to hide it is to create a clean minimalist look, but with YouTube this is simply ridiculous. The YouTube page is anything but clean and minimalist. It’s stuffed with all kinds of advertisements, and comments, not to mention the fact that the main viewing screen is very often covered with a banner ad, or a full-scale advertisement.
I’m not a great fan in general of the whole concept of having the control section intrude upon the screen, which at the moment is so popular right now. Like the black look that became popular with the introduction of Windows Vista. It never looked good, and was just another stupid Microsoft move, but for a couple years it seemed that everyone wanted to produce an interface that was black just to copy the trend. Microsoft soon realized the error of their ways and the subsequent version of Windows, seven, reverted back to a more pleasant blue color, but not before creating an annoying trend.


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