Puritanical Feminism

those areThe more I think about feminism and how anti-natural and vindictive is, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that feminism is really a war of some women (the feminists) against other women (the general population). We all know that feminists hate men and worked tirelessly to hurt them. But, I’m also beginning to realize more and more that feminists work to hurt women, and how so much of feminism is really a form of revenge upon the general population including the female population.
We all know that women are in constant competition with each other (as are all people) and use a variety of tactics to undermine and gain the upper hand on each other. Seems to me that feminism is an expression of a certain type of woman, who probably did not do well socially when she was young, and now has so much resentment that she is taking it out on the general population now that her intelligence has enabled her to have a position of influence from which she can pursue her agenda. May feel a lot of resentment towards the pretty girls, who got all the male attention, and all the guys who love to look at the pretty girls. To get revenge against them, the feminists have come up with the whole theory of how being or enjoying sexy attractive females is somehow deeply wrong and shameful. Thus we get the whole nonsense about objectification of women. Essentially it’s just an effort to make sure that the pretty girls don’t have an advantage over them, by being able to neutralize their good looks and sexual attractions, and to make sure that the guys feel guilty and miserable for being attracted, or at least that they are forced to hide their attraction.
With the pretty girls successfully neutralized, the feminists can now use their braininess get the upper hand. The feminists like to give the idea that pretty sexy females are victimized and disempowered. The reality, as everyone knows, is that the pretty sexy attractive girls are the alpha females, and the ones with the most power. This drives the feminists absolutely crazy, and they work tirelessly to try to neutralize it, and make sure the brains-not looks-wins out.
From what I’ve seen, it does seem like many of the early radical feminists are extraordinarily ugly looking, and I’m sure harbored deep resentment and rage against the world that excluded them socially. They used feminism as an outlet for their deep anger, resentment and desire for revenge against the world.
Many people have been and continue to be caught into the deceptive lies of feminism about “fairness and equality”. Most eventually get wise enough to realize that line has been grossly exaggerated, and they developed a more realistic and balanced perspective. Still, feminism has done, and continues to do, great damage the psyches of both men and women by essentially telling them that their natural instincts are utterly shameful and wrong.
mostly thinking about internment Camp Lo


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