Jamaicans Protesting in Britain

I was watching a documentary a few years ago about the Jamaican diaspora in England, and they were going on and on about how they were so victimized and rejected by society, and how they needed to have their own language of protest and resistance.
The way I see it the Jamaicans were given a country in which they could live, but due to their own appalling management managed to make their country so miserable that huge numbers of Jamaicans wanted to leave. So where did all these righteous black nationalist stand up? Well, they went straight to the land of whitey, which generously took them in and provided them with a much better life than they had made themselves in Jamaica.
Of course life was not necessarily easy in a new country, and they were at the bottom of the totem pole socially, but what do you expect from a bunch of poorly educated impoverished immigrants from a poor country, who have little to no skills to recommend them? Would it be normal that they would start at the very top after having arrived with nothing to offer their host country except a strong back and a simple mind?
So, instead of being thankful for the jobs, and the new life that they were given by their adopted country, they soon began to feel resentful that they were not doing better than they imagine they should be. It’s Seems to me that they did not want to pay their dues, and had a certain entitlement complex. Furthermore I’m sure that the Jamaicans caused a certain number problems, which would naturally make the native population react somewhat negatively against them. If you go to a new country and start causing problems, it’s not surprising that the people in the country might not welcome them with open arms. I’m not saying that there wasn’t a certain degree of racism, but the Jamaicans certainly didn’t improve things by their resentful put upon attitudes, and their violence or the crime that they often created. Host countries should of course welcome people into their country, but there’s a strong responsibility for the immigrants themselves to try to fit in, get on with their lives and not cause any more problems than is necessary. In other words immigrants should not go out of their way to be a burden and a problem to the host country.
In any case if the Jamaicans are so miserable in England, there is always the option of going back to Jamaica. Or, better yet why not go straight to Africa? Since they like to go on and on about how wonderful Africa is, and how it’s their home, and how they were forcefully ripped from the bosom of Africa, then it would seem only logical that Africa would be the place to immigrate to — not the land of the hated oppressive white men-England.
But, of course they don’t want to go to Africa, because the blacks have managed to completely screw up the continent. They often romanticize some African “mother”, but the reality is that Africa is the last place in the world that they want to live, for the simple practical reason that the continent is so messed up that the quality of life is close to zero.
No, much better to go to the land of the white man, live well (at least compared to Africa or Jamaica), and then spend all their time bitching, complaining, protesting and feeling sorry for themselves and put upon.
I see this tendency a lot where people live in a miserable country with a miserable life. They then go to a new country that welcomes them in and gives him a much much better quality of life, and then they spend all their time complaining, and rejecting, and playing the victim, all because they have developed a complex about the fact that their own immigrant communities are embroiled in dysfunctional behavior, while the white adoptive population gets on with their lives. This insecurity regarding their own inability to do well is manifest in their antisocial rejectionist behavior of their adopted country. This is classic behavior of the North African communities in places like France, where they perpetually sit in a violent antisocial stew of rejection and resentments, instead of actually focusing their energies on doing something productive with their lives. If they are so unhappy in France, there’s always the option of going back to Morocco. But, that hardly ever do, because they know that, no matter how much they may bitch and whine and complain and feel sorry for their poor little self in France, they understand that life in France is many times better than the Islamic “paradise” of the countries that they come from.


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