Recently the corn refiners Association has been producing a series of advertisements to try to counteract the growing awareness among people who are informed that high fructose corn syrup is actually very unhealthy and obesity promoting. They have made advertisements such as the one below.

Besides the usual sweetness and light that tends to pervade any message to make it attractive, advertisements make a few basic claims. First they state that high fructose corn syrup is “natural”. The reality is that there is no definition of what constitutes “natura” l in food labeling. Furthermore all kinds of products that are highly processed and toxic could be considered to be “” natural. I suppose you could consider kerosene to be natural because it came from plants and animals millions of years ago, but it would not want to drink it. In Spanish they refer to plastic lenses as “organic” because they come from petroleum which originally came from living sources. There are even many products which are much less processed than high fructose corn syrup and are completely natural, but also extremely toxic, such as certain mushrooms, or even tobacco. The use of the word “natural” to mean something that is safe and healthy is utterly meaningless. It is a very misleading term.
The second argument made by the corn refiners Association is that high fructose corn syrup is no worse than sugar. This is based on the false assumption that somehow sugar is a safe and healthy product to eat. Of course they’re trying to promote the idea that anything that tastes sweet must somehow be wholesome and healthy. The reality is that sugar is toxic and should be avoided entirely, or if necessary you should use it in extreme moderation. So, the argument that high fructose corn syrup is no worse than sugar doesn’t make any sense. That’s like saying that cocaine is no worse than heroin, so therefore it’s okay. Or, the argument that, if it feels good that it must be good. Karen must be good for you, if it feels so good.
Aside from that, there is some evidence that high fructose current syrup is quite possibly worse than sugar. While the jury is not 100% out on this finding, there are some worrying facts related to high fructose corn syrup. First high fructose corn syrup is clearly an artificially produced product, even if it originally came from corn. High fructose corn syrup does not just appear in nature. It has to be extracted through a very man-made process. There is a general rule that ingredients that are highly processed overwhelmingly tend to be less healthy than unprocessed or minimally processed foods. That fact alone should put high fructose corn syrup on probation as being suspicious until proven safe. Furthermore, highI fructose corn syrup has a greater proportion of fructose to glucose than does normal table sugar, and fructose is more damaging to the body than its glucose. Finally there also appears to be evidence that high fructose current syrup contains heavy metals and other chemical additives. It certainly would not surprise me. Anything that has gone through that kind of industrial process is likely to have picked up something along the way.
The final argument that the corn refiners Association uses to promote high fructose corn syrup is that it is “safe in moderation”. This is one of these only partially true statements like “natural” that is highly misleading. First of all, how do we define “moderation”? I bet a lot of people would think that six large highly sweetened drinks a day should be considered to be “moderation”. This is the same argument that McDonald’s uses, which basically says that if you eat something unhealthy, and it doesn’t kill you on the spot, then it is fine in “moderation”, and then they leave it up to the person to decide how he wants to define “moderation”. The fact is that ideally people should never have refined sugars, or eat at McDonald’s… or get drunk, or smoke that occasional cigarette. None of these actions will kill people if done once in a great while, but even when done infrequently they are not healthy, and if indulged in more than very infrequently will soon create growing health problems. In other words, saying that I fructose corn syrup is safe in “moderation”, is like saying that having it in occasional cigarette, or heroin high, or getting drunk, is safe in “moderation”. High fructose corn syrup is unhealthy at all levels, and it becomes exponentially worse the more it is consumed. I’m not saying that people can’t have an occasional item with some sugar in it-nothing is perfect-but don’t delude yourself into thinking that it’s healthy, or you can consume it frequently without any health consequences, just because it’s “safe in moderation”.
For a couple of nice counter ads which helped to expose the idiocy of the corn refiners ads, please watch below.



3 Responses to HFCS

  1. Cubiceight says:

    It is very simple. Fructose is a monosacharide and is absorbed from your gut right away. Regular sugar is bisacharides and befor get absorbed has to be break down inside your gut to two monosacharides glucose and fructose by intestinal enzyme called glucosidase. Another words, HFCS raise you blood sugar much faster, at much higher level and without any regulation comparing to regular sugar. Avoid HFCS if you do not want to be fatty. US does not make regular sugar exept Hawaii. As you can imagine regular sugar is much more costly than HFCS. It is all about politics. They cause you obesity. Very stupid: “Short term thinking”, or very smart if you like:”They want to kill you befor you get old”. By the way Europe including neutral Switzeland does the same things from couple years, comparing to over 20 years US history in this procedure, with glucose syrop. Make more for chip, sell more, make more money, get rich faster, other people does not matter. Antysocial behavior usually is isolated from society in prisons. That is way nobody is really talking about it. Money are over people. Very sad. www.cubiceight.com

  2. cubiceight says:

    Not really. Sugar and glucose are NOT the same. Glucose is the main source of our body energy. The problem begins when this source of enrgy is out of control. Our body can not really regulate intestinal absorption of monosacharides like fructose or glucose. It is different story with bisacharides like sugar or polisacharides like starch. Cuban in Cuba and Italian in Italy are not obese simply because they do not have acces to monosacharides. The idea to stay tin is to keep one stady and even glucose level in your bloodsteam during the day. With monosacharides it is impossible at least we develope some enzyme for that kind of challenge in next centaury as a results of some strange mutation. It sound like surviving Jurassic Park. So for the summary: glucose and fructose in food is NOT good (it is good only in moderate level in bloodstream) but sugar and starch in food is good for you.

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