I Could Not have Said it Better

This article is just so damn good.  Government will always tend to enlarge itself, because that is what gives those who are in government more power and more public resources to throw around to buy votes and support to get elected and stay elected.


The debt ceiling fiasco: It’s not about compromise; it’s about principle

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) An armed man approaches an innocent old lady on the street, shoves his gun in her face and screams, “Give me everything you own!” The little old lady, flummoxed but determined, angrily answers back, “Screw you! I’m not giving you one red cent!” The mugger pauses for a moment and then retorts, “Well then let’s compromise. Just give me all the money you’re carrying right now and we’ll call it even!”

This is the nature of the Democrats’ “compromise” over the looming debt ceiling. Over the last three days, we’ve heard that word belligerently repeated over and over: “Compromise! Compromise! Compromise!” And yet all their compromise will really deliver to us is a compromised future where spending remains completely out of control and our children inherit total financial bankruptcy.

Some compromise, huh?

Maybe we don’t need a compromise. Maybe what we need is to stand firm on principle. In this case, I’m talking about the principle of living within your means. Taking responsibility for your spending. Honoring the taxpayers by not eroding the value of their own dollars with incessant Federal Reserve “quantitative easing” (just a code phrase for counterfeiting money and dumping it into circulation).

Standing firm on principle takes more courage than compromise

Compromise is not always the answer. If a heroin addict is at a recovery center and says to the doctor there, “I want 10 hits of heroin today” and the doctor says, “You’ll get zero,” then it’s certainly not a good idea to “compromise” with the addict by giving him five hits of heroin. When an addiction is out of control, compromise is destructive, not constructive. And America’s debt spending is, much like a heroin junky, an out-of-control addiction. We’re addicted to debt, and too many people in Washington (both Democrats and Republicans, by the way) don’t really want to quit that addiction. They just want more hits, which is the whole purpose of raising the debt ceiling.

Increased spending results in increased power, you see. The more money the government pays out to the citizens in “benefits,” the more control it has over their lives. And the more money the government spends on military spending or other projects, the more easily members of Congress can funnel taxpayer dollars into the pockets of their evil corporate campaign supporters.

No government ever wants to get smaller. It always wants to grow and expand, consuming all the resources around it like a runaway cancer tumor. It is the very nature of power to seek expansion of its own power.

What America needs right now is radical cancer surgery to remove the tumor. That tumor is made up of power-hungry bureaucrats, lawmakers, and federal officials who all want to expand their power, collect more money and leave less on the table for the taxpayers who are footing the entire bill. And right now as we watch Boehner, Obama and Reid argue over the debt ceiling, we are really watching three cancer tumor cells argue over how to divvy up the rest of the healthy tissue they’ve already infected. To expect Big Government to solve the problems caused by Big Government is to expect cancer tumors to magically and spontaneously create their own cancer cures. It’s just not gonna happen, folks. Even full-blown chemotherapy couldn’t bring down this runaway debt spending monstrosity…

The cure for cancerous government growth

The cure for Big Government can only be found in the People, not in government itself. This is why America was founded on the idea that when government becomes too oppressive, too powerful or too arrogant, it is the right and the duty of the People to seize control and bring that government back down to a reasonable size — all while reminding the government to “fear the People” (and serve the People) rather than trying to enslave the People.

That’s where this is all headed: A massive social revolt against Big Government’s ineptitude, arrogance and cancer-like tendencies. Because even if a new debt ceiling is reached by August 2nd (and it probably will be), that doesn’t change the fact that the problem of runaway debt spending still looms over us… nor the fact that the Federal Reserve is gutting our economy, looting our nation and stealing our purchasing power away from us while stuffing the pockets of rich banksters with trillions of dollars in money that actually should belong to the American people.

We have been robbed blind, my friends. We have mugged at gunpoint, essentially, by the Fed, Big Government and the incompetent fools (criminals?) in Washington who claim to be working on your behalf while laughing their way down the halls of the Capitol building. They are crooks who make the crimes of Richard Nixon pale in comparison.

Real change may still be possible

There’s only one member of Congress today who has the vision, the integrity, and the understanding of economics and the money supply to steer us away from the massive financial catastrophe that lays ahead, and his name is Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul gives us even a chance of making it through this financial challenge without a total collapse, and even Paul himself will admit it may already be too late regardless of who is in the White House.

Support Ron Paul at www.RonPaul2012.com — or get ready for a total financial blowout that will leave most Americans penniless and rioting in the streets.

It’s coming, folks. The incompetence in Washington has potentially reached a point of no return. The thieving Federal Reserve criminals and Wall Street banksters have stolen your wealth without you even knowing it. The end of the dollar approaches. The end of America as we know it won’t be far behind. Today we stand on the verge of financial doom, and all the Democrats can demand is that we “compromise” yet again.

It’s time to end the compromises. It’s time to stand for principle — to stand up against runaway debt spending, against the criminal money creation of the Fed, and against the crooks and cowards who claim to be “leading” America today. I say it’s time for a real leader who stands firm on principle — a man like Rep. Ron Paul. I personally endorse Ron Paul as the only Presidential candidate who stands on principle. He is perhaps the last true leader left in Washington, and he needs your support.



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