Feminists and Domestic Work

I heard an example of the kind of mainstream establishment feminist and politically correct thinking that is simply standard among virtually the entire mass media. In this case I was listening to a reporter from the Economist magazine-which is supposed to be right of center. In it the commentator was discussing the German economy. One of the negative points that he made concerning the German economy was that they still had not utilized all their available productive labor, because still today in Germany most women do not work, or tend to work part time. According to this commentator, from the economist, this was a deficiency that needs to be corrected.  Every mother must work full time.

This kind of mainstream feminist thinking is everywhere within the establishment. It is in politics, in the media, and of course in the universities. We can see in such a comment that the speaker considers it a missed opportunity most women are not working full-time in Germany. Has it ever occurred to the man that these women are actually very gainfully and productively employed in the very useful and necessary business of: Taking care of the kids, doing the shopping, cooking the family’s food, keeping the house clean, and quite possibly doing other activities and tasks. No, the commentator from the economist shares the feminists mentality that such labor is entirely superfluous. In other words, a woman is really only productive and contributing to society when she’s out in the workforce. Apparently, taking care of the kids, the family and the House has no importance. I personally think that all those German women who do not work do so because they choose to, and I imagine that the great majority of them are much happier and less stressed for doing so.

A few years ago I heard a woman talking about how she hired a Hispanic woman to take care of her kids, because we in America have devalued motherhood.  Yes, and who did that?  The feminists did it.  The feminists regard domestic labor as totally non important.

In the 1970s and 80s women heeded the call of the feminists to enter the workforce en masse. They were promised money, fulfillment, independence and happiness.  While some women have definitely enjoyed the work world, and it has given them a certain economic independence, there have been many downsides to the whole deal. The fact is that with the reduction of the specialization of labor, men and women know longer depend as much on each other, so it’s much easier to get divorced. But, the bigger problem comes with the fact that the kids still have to be taken care of, the food still has to be prepared, and the house has to be maintained.  We now have kids who spend their whole day in institutions-almost as orphans-while their parents are out working, the quality of food preparation has gone down considerably, and parents are running around like never before.  The end result are kids who are psychologically damaged, nutritional standards that have fallen through the floor, and parents who are stressed, tired and feel guilty. The end result is a lot of unhappiness, neurosis and general unhealthiness.

Women’s happiness has steadily declined in the last 30 years, while at the same time feminism has become dominant, and women are given advantages opportunities that they could not dream about 40 or 50 years ago.  I suspect that this decline in happiness related to not having enough time to spend with their kids and their husbands and friends. Women especially are family and socially centered. Women have been the primary caregivers of their children throughout evolution. They have a deep nurturing instinct, but now they are obligated to spend 11 hours a day separated from their children, because that’s what the feminists have told them is best for them and society.  I think that in many ways life was more enjoyable-for both men and women-when only one parent worked, and the other one stayed home. Certainly there were problems with the old system, but I believe that we have even more problems with the new system. Nothing in life is perfect. What we have to do is try to find the system which is the least bad.  We have gone from a society in which women were generally discouraged from working outside the home, to a system where they are generally obligated to work outside the home because they need the money. I believe that women in general are happier taking care of their kids and the domestic sphere, than working all day, and leaving their children to be raised in institutions. There are exceptions, of course, but in general I believe this to be true. Single women, however, are often different. In fact, in the old days it was common for single women to work until they got married and started to have kids, at which point they would focus their energies primarily on domestic work.

I think many women these days are at last waking up to the realization that they have been had by the feminists. They were promised a wonderful fulfilling life of work, and what they have now basically his frustration, guilt and unhappiness. Something to think about.


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