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Healing Yourself with Sound

By Dr. Mark Wileyon 07/16/2011

Chromium and confusion

By Dr. Keith Scott Mumby on 07/16/2011

…Are there any facts to help us out here? Well, one thing is without question: WE ARE ALL SHORT OF CHROMIUM. It’s simply not present in the foodstuffs produced by modern Agribusiness and the food industry. It’s one of the many casualties of food refinement—and a dangerous one at that.

Second, we NEED chromium to help our sugar metabolism. Chromium, you probably know, is sometimes called the “glucose tolerance factor” or GTF. It works as a co-factor for insulin, making insulin more effective and reducing “insulin resistance”, one of the main routes to obesity.

Disordered carbohydrate metabolism leads to obesity and heart disease. So it’s pretty obvious that the epidemic rise in diabetes is at least related to low chromium in the diet.

It’s important, therefore, that you get enough and that means taking an adequate supplement. It’s a vital health-giving nutrient. Yet 90% of the population isn’t getting nearly enough

I recommend 100- 200 mcg a day. You just can’t get that from food, even the most “organic” rated. As I said, the soil is deficient, never mind plants.

Remember, we need more of this good stuff as we get older, because we retain less chromium. Junk food, pollutants and antacids (indigestion treatment) all block chromium absorption.

Chromium food sources, such as they are, include lean meats, organ meats, mushroom, oatmeal, prunes, nuts, asparagus, cheeses, pork kidney*, whole-grain breads and cereals, molasses and some bran cereals. Certain spices, such as thyme and pepper have some chromium.

Brewer’s yeast (particularly yeast grown in chromium-rich soil) is a rich dietary source of chromium. Unfortunately, vegetables and fruits contain only low amounts of chromium.

Processed meats (which you shouldn’t eat anyway) are often quoted as good sources of chromium.


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