Population Growth and its Consequences

I read an article describing how China is facing a severe water shortage, and thus a severe food shortage. A similar problem exists in India, where they are rapidly depleting their groundwater reserves. The fact that both countries have over 1 billion people is undoubtedly related to this crisis.  the fact is that, no matter how rich a section of land is, there is a hard limit as to how many people it can support. And well before we get to the hard limit, the quality of life of the populace starts to decrease rapidly. One of the reasons why China is so polluted, is that there are so many people polluting the land. Undoubtedly it is true that overpopulation has lowered the standard of living and quality of life of the people in China and India, as well as endangering the wildlife in both countries.

In Europe than America, it is deeply instilled in our collective consciousness that population growth is both good and desirable. We’re constantly hearing about how Europe is aging and falling apart. How the US is better because it has a faster growth rate. France is proud that it has a higher growth rate than the rest of Europe. All of these fallacies. I remember just a few years ago when the United States had 250 million people. Now we have zoomed past 300 million with no end in sight. How are things going to be when we have over 1 billion people like in China or India? Are we going to have to institute a one child policy? How is our pollution situation going to be? Our garbage situation? Our natural habitats and wildernesses? How are you going to get enough food to feed everyone? How we’re going to find enough energy to maintain a decent quality of life? We’re going to have enough space to build enough houses, or we going to have to live in huge apartment blocks like in Hong Kong?  How is our stagnant infrastructure going to keep up with ever greater population pressures? Undoubtedly to all of these questions the situation is going to get worse and worse hand-in-hand with population growth.

The fact is that we would do better if we had less people. Instead of governments creating incentives to have more and more kids, we should do the opposite.  Instead of providing endless subsidies to the poor so we can have more and more kids (thus expanding the underclass and poverty and social pathologies) we should do the opposite. First of all, family planning and birth control should be available to all citizens for free. Although this is controversial, I would also like to see a high degree of access and subsidies for abortion, especially in the earlier months of pregnancy. Beyond that, I think it would be intelligent for the government to provide subsidies for one kid, no subsidies if people have two kids, and tax penalties if they have more than two kids. People can still have as many kids as they want, but they will have to pay the price.

I know these measures sound unpopular, because we have been deeply programmed into thinking that we have a right to have as many children as we damn well want to. Not only that, but that having lots of kids is considered to be somehow good. I suppose this is a holdover from most of human history when just trying to keep the species alive was a struggle in and of itself, so having kids was seen as helping to keep the human race from being extinguished. Today we don’t have that problem. It would be wonderful in an ideal world if people could have as many children as they want. But, unfortunately we live in a world of limitations, and unless we agree to get a handle on this we are going to see our environment and quality of life steadily deteriorate, until we get to the point that we resolve the population crisis through genocidal wars, provoked by the fact that there will not be enough food and water and energy to go around. When push comes to shove people, tend to become much more tribal and aggressive.

Of course contributing to the problem is both big business, big government, and many religions. All encourage endless population growth because all are able to grow along with an increasing population. They don’t really care if all of this will end in disaster, as long as in the short term, they can expand their power base and their budgets. Thus, we continually see in the media and the education system, and the pulpit, the sentimentalization of having children and having large families, along with the explicit or implicit message, that breeding is an unmitigated good. The government has a further incentive to encourage population growth, because population growth helps to keep the Ponzi scheme of Social Security going. Having a stable population increases the chance that the house of cards will all come down. So, we are constantly told that population growth is essential in order to keep Social Security going. No one bothers to talk about the fact that Social Security needs to be completely reformed; considering that the way that it has been set up is entirely unstable, and unsustainable.

Leftist governments also like to encourage population growth through government subsidies, because they know that such incentives will encourage the underclass to have lots of kids, which will expand the number of poor.  The poor represent one of the foundations of leftist governments, because they can endlessly promised to the poor that if they are voted into office they will give them this and they will give them that. The reality is that leftist policies so often hurt the poor by damaging the economy. The poor cannot thrive in an economy that is sick, and leftist governments tend to make policies that limit and damage the economy.

Adding to the general hesitancy to ever bring up the case of overpopulation, is that talking about it is considered politically incorrect. This is done for two reasons. One is that it’s considered politically incorrect to criticize religion, and many religions encourage their followers to have as many children as possible. Furthermore, most of the population growth in the world is occurring in the Third World, so it is seen indirectly that a call to control population growth is somehow related to being anti-dark skinned.  Finally, the Jews have made some loose association between trying to control population growth, and some kind of Nazi program.

So, as we can see the problem just keeps getting worse and worse, and no one in an official capacity wants to talk about it, let alone actually tried to do anything to confront the problem. I have yet to find a charity working in poor countries that works to limit population growth. Once Time magazine, which is practically the definition of the comfortably elitist politically correct establishment, had commentary by seven experts about what to do concerning the food crisis. The experts had lots of suggestions, but not a single one even mentioned population control. This is rather ironic, considering that reducing populations is the most effective way to prevent starvation. If we continue to allow people to multiply, eventually there is no way that we can feed them all, even with advanced technology, which Africa does not have and probably will never have.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: almost all the major problems facing humanity today (pollution, habitat destruction, soil Degradation, water shortages, peak oil, global warming, etc.) will be considerably alleviated, and in many cases resolved if we could just get population down to a reasonable level. Instead, we continue to have more more people, putting us on the road to destruction. And, on top of that nobody wants to even talk about it, because it’s not sufficiently politically correct, and everyone is worrying about his career.


2 Responses to Population Growth and its Consequences

  1. charikinya says:

    Decreasing the population is not the answer. How would you explain parts of Africa which are under populated and having severe problem iregardless of having huge resources. We need to create conditions that enable us to realise the best from our creative class in our socities.

    • internationalguy says:

      I am not saying that overpopulation is the only problem facing humanity, but probably the most-or one of the most severe. Certainly Africa is dysfunctional if it is capitalist or socialist, democratic or dictatorial, over populated or underpopulated, with Aid or without. The Africans do not have the ability to organize and advance their societies into anything successful and modern. I know because I have lived there. They are good at their precolonial life and social organization. That is now gone and they cannot adapt to modern civilization. Still, even in Africa life would be better without overpopulation. The genocidal wars in Rwanda were caused by overpopulation. Somalia is similar. Still, you are right. Having a successful society required several things, among which are, manageable population levels, people who are competent, reasonably free markets, etc.

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