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The article below is something to think about. Although I think that taking children away from their parents should only be a last resort, I also believe that a lot parents need to do a much better job of raising their kids.  Having children is a very big responsibility, and not something to take lightly. I understand that the system and the media conspire to brainwash people into eating junk food. It is always easier just to go with the flow. But, parents have a brain and volition, and the responsibility to use it. They have the ability to find alternative sources of information about real nutrition, and they should have the ability to think for themselves, and make adequate choices about how to raise their kids. If some parents are simply too stupid or lazy (either intellectually or physically) to be able to resist the push to eat garbage all the time, then they should probably not be parents. Being a parent is not a part time job. It is a massive responsibility, and children deserve to have parents who will do everything that they reasonably can to make sure that their kids grow up with as many advantages as they can have. Children growing up in a household eating junk food is just setting them up for problems and failure later in life.

Is Severe Obesity in Kids a Sign of Child Abuse?

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Below is an interesting article talking about how Mediterranean’s are slowly but steadily abandoning their traditional diet, and adopting basically the American-style diet of processed junk food. I see the change in Spain, with the steady addition of more and more processed foods.  One of the ironic points is that the Mediterranean diet developed because it was what was cheap and what poor people could afford. Nowadays, many people cannot afford the Mediterranean diet.  Instead upper income people tend to eat it more and more.  It is trendy and posh among the well to do. There’s the ironic comment that so many posh restaurants these days basically serve peasant in food from 100 years ago.  Another reason why people are abandoning the Mediterranean diet is that, with Mama no longer staying home, but working all day, Mama doesn’t have much time or energy left to prepare a delicious and healthy meal from scratch, like she did in the old days.  Just another casualty of modernity and feminism.

Mediterraneans Abandon Their Traditionally Healthy Diet

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Humans Are Religious By Nature, Says Study

This study confirms what I have understood for a long time, that there is a deep need within human nature to believe in some kind of religious or spiritual “reality”.  humans throughout history have always been religious. Being agnostic or atheistic is generally a recent phenomenon, and even today is confined to a small minority of the population, almost entirely in richer countries with higher levels of education. This of course does not mean that religion is true, but it does confirm the saying that, “if there were not the God, we would have to invent him”.


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