Suppliments to help slow mental decline

Know The Early Warning Signs
Some people think that being “forgetful” is just a part of getting older. However, it could in fact be an early warning sign of cognitive decline – maybe even your only warning sign. Do not let these signs go unheeded. Since early detection tests have not yet been perfected, you could be experiencing the earliest signs of brain decay and not even know it. Some of the key symptoms to look for are: I was having trouble coping at my job - I was slow and couldn’t always remember how to do things and my brain function did begin to slide down hill. Now, I feel pretty much like my old self again. - Gail N. from Greenfield, IN -- Learn Her Solution

  • Slow recall
  • Fuzzy memory
  • Losing things
  • Poor judgment
  • Low mental energy
  • Withdrawal from activities
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Problems recalling words
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Changes in mood and personality

Once you have started to experience any of these symptoms, the time to take action is critical if you want to keep your mind sharp and your memories intact as you age.

6 Specific Nutrients Play a Key Role in Prevention
Exciting new research is proving that dietary supplements can provide extremely effective and undeniable results if taken in the correct combination and dosage. According to The Stop Aging Now Institute, an authority on cognitive health, there are 6 specific nutrients that work together to provide you with the maximum protection against brain decay.

Hand holding pill 1. CoQ10: The Brain’s Fountain Of Youth
Your brain is extremely compromised by a deficit of CoQ10, which can lead to sluggish thinking and memory decline. However, according to a University of California San Diego study, adequate levels of CoQ10 can slow brain deterioration by 44%. Furthermore, people with high levels of CoQ10 have better mental acuity, motor abilities and mental energy. Supplementation is incredibly important because your ability to produce CoQ10 naturally depletes as you age. Further, statin drugs can significantly deplete CoQ10 levels, and since an estimated 1 in 3 older Americans take statin drugs, they are especially vulnerable.
2. DHA: The Omega-3 Your Brain Needs Most
By now you have probably heard that omega-3 fatty acids are good for your brain. However, one particular omega-3 called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is most critical to optimal brain function. With age, your cells lose the ability to absorb DHA and levels can drop significantly, compromising brain function. In a study at Tufts University, researchers found that those with the highest blood levels of DHA were about 50% less likely to develop dementia and 39% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.
3. Curcumin: India’s Brain Miracle Spice
Researchers used to be baffled as to why in India, Alzheimer’s rates are among the lowest in the world. But a scientific breakthrough recently decoded the mystery. The people of India consume the greatest amounts of a spice called turmeric. Amazing new research shows that a natural compound called curcumin, a component of turmeric, can stop the build-up of the destructive beta-amyloid protein in the brain — the plaque that gunk up the works. In fact, UCLA tests show that curcumin may slash the build-up of this plaque by up to 50%.
4. Berries: Nutritional Superstars for the Brain
More and more research is pointing to the fact that daily consumption of specific berries is absolutely critical for optimal brain function. Berries have powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-clotting properties and they also contain antioxidants like vitamins C and E, as well as resveratrol. According to studies done by one of the nation’s leading neuroscientists, berries can help protect brain cells from inflammation, as well as help protect the brain from oxidative stress and the effects of age-related neurodegenerative conditions.
Ingredients such as Curcumin, CoQ10 and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid have made all the difference in keeping me mentally sharp! - Reino W. from Westland, MI -- Learn His Solution
5. Vinpocetine: Europe’s Secret Brain Booster
For decades, doctors in Europe and Japan have relied on vinpocetine, a natural extract of the periwinkle plant, as treatment for cognitive decline and other cognitive disorders. Only recently have American scientists set out to study this amazingly effective natural remedy. Their research has concluded that vinpocetine can in fact improve blood flow to the cerebellum, and that this favorably influences the cognitive status and general condition of patients.
6. Alpha Lipoic Acid: The Antioxidant Your Brain Needs Most
According to leading brain health experts, alpha lipoic acid (or ALA) is an extremely powerful antioxidant compound that offers protection from age-related memory decline and strokes. In fact, it is the most important antioxidant for cognitive function because it is one of the few nutrients that can effectively penetrate brain cells, especially when using the R-ALA version. Studies have shown that alpha lipoic acid may be able to restore short-term memory, reduce age-related decay of brain cells and even double mental activity.

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