The Vagina Song

I came across this curious video on the Internet. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Of course it’s funny… but also a little odd.  Of course I’m not female so maybe it’s just a woman thing, and I don’t understand. There has been a movement in the last few years trying to raise the self-esteem of women’s pussy’ies, and this is only the latest example of this effort. The video is on one hand funny, but I also believe there is a serious message behind it. One thing is for sure, that, despite what American feminists insist, American females are not living under a regime of oppression. Anyone who has the luxury of moving so far down the hierarchy of needs as to be worried about the self-esteem of one’s genitalia, obviously does not have to worry about basic issues like safety. I’m sure the women in Afghanistan don’t spend a large part of their day preoccupied with the self-esteem of their vaginas. That is a luxury that only Western women can indulge in. And indulgence they definitely seem to be doing.


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