Where did the stimulus money go

When Obama first propose a stimulus, he talked a lot about infrastructure projects.  However, when the final spending was allocated, very little money actually went to infrastructure. Why?  The main reason appears to be that Obama, and the Democrats, wanted to please their feminist and female base. These people are not interested in infrastructure projects done by “icky” men. Instead, much better to spend the lion share of the money on endless “human development and social welfare” projects, which higher predominantly women. After all, there’s a small army of females out there who like this kind of work, and have spent a lot of money getting bachelors and Masters degrees in such fields, and they want a nice cushy government job with a reasonable working hours, job security, reduced stress, comfortable pay, full medical benefits, and a nice comfy retirement at the end of it all.  I read that the feminists use her influence with Obama to reduce the amount of money spent on infrastructure, and an administration official said a comment to the effect that, he didn’t want the stimulus money going to white construction guys.

So, the majority of the stimulus was poured into the black holes of social welfare programs, and we have nothing to show for it. It’s too bad that we didn’t spend most all of that on infrastructure. At least if we´re going to live beyond their means, and ruin ourselves financially, at the end of the day we should have something to show for it. I think more highways, better streets, expanded airports, improved rail lines, canals, and other infrastructure projects would provide us with a lot more benefits than just wasting the money on endless social welfare programs.  In general, our infrastructure has been sorely neglected for decades, and it is showing in endless traffic jams, a rail system in shambles, and clogged airports. The whole system is stressed, antiquated, and pushed beyond capacity.  Not only is it getting older and in worse shape, a growing population (fueled mostly by immigration) is continually putting greater and greater stress on an infrastructure which is not expanded and improved.  While we dither China is aggressively moving ahead with massive new infrastructure projects, and will soon surpass us. Something to think about.


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