What We Get for our Tax Money

As an American living abroad I had a particular tax question that I thought the local consulate here in Spain might be able to help me with. So, I called the American consulate in Spain. First of all, most of the offices only answer the phone until one o’clock in the afternoon. I guess we don’t want those bureaucrats to have to work too hard. When I finally did find an office that answered the phone, and presented my question, the woman made it very clear very quickly that they would not even begin to answer any of my questions. They completely, and on apologetically would not touch it. To me this is just a small example of the bureaucracy today, which is out of touch, and different, and not service-oriented, especially at the federal level. I sometimes wonder what the government does with all the vast amounts of money they suck up. I often get the feeling that it just goes for cushy make work jobs, and subsidies for well-connected parties.

Anyway, just another example of your tax dollars at work, and how the government may be expensive, but it sure does deliver : (


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