Michael Savage

Michael Savage is a very interesting person to listen to, and I enjoy his show. While the man definitely has his faults, mainly a very nasty temper, and a tendency at times to bully his guests, he also is a very intelligent man, and a surprisingly deep and sophisticated thinker. Another quality that I really like about Michael Savage is that he probably the most honest media person that I know, and consequently he’s the least politically correct famous person I know.  He is not afraid of touching taboo subjects, such as race and sex, and he does not apologize either. Most people, when they are criticized for saying something politically incorrect, robotically get down and start groveling and begging for forgiveness. In the eyes of their accusers, this merely confirms their guilt, and is like blood to sharks. Robotically apologizing and begging for forgiveness, almost always simply digs the hole deeper for the person doing it, because the PC police are not interested in reasonableness or forgiveness.  What they want to do is to utterly destroy anyone who dares say anything politically incorrect, and to make an example out of them for others who might dare to stray outside the tight balance of PC propriety.  Michael Savage simply refuses to be put on the defensive when he says something politically incorrect. With the First Amendment, and psychological intimidation not working, there’s not much his enemies can do against them.

Because of his honesty, Michael Savage deals with topics, and says things that normal people will not touch. For instance, he started talking about Dr. Watson’s comments about Africa and IQ, and about how the underclass is creating dyseugenic pressures by having more children than the upper class. Such comments are normally verboten in polite society. In another instance, a black caller complained that Michael Savage was daring to talk about these comments. Michael Savage simply replied, using logic, that what Dr. Watson is talking about is worthy of debate, and that if someone doesn’t like it, he is going to have to actually argue with facts and reason, and not just say, “I’m offended!”, Or “You should grow up!”.  Usually, when someone uses words like “insulting , inflammatory, or offensive”, the other person immediately starts backpedaling, and trying to placate the accuser. But with Michael Savage, if you want to defeat him, your going to have to use more than just PC buzzwords.

In some ways, Michael Savage is more to the right than I am, especially concerning homosexuality, abortion, drugs, sex, and many other social issues. But, I appreciate his opinion. And, on other issues he is right on 100%. For instance, it is not shy about bringing up the menace of radical Islam, and making the point that a devout Muslim is pretty much a radical Muslim (not necessarily to be confused with a “cultural” Muslim, who is mostly secular or Muslim “light”). Also, despite being a strong conservative, this does not prevent him from also criticizing the Republicans. While he enjoys attacking Obama, he’s made it clear that both political parties are up to their eyeballs in corruption. Michael Savage is no Republican stooge.

In sum, despite his personal faults, and the fact that I don’t agree with him on everything, the man is definitely worth listening to, at least time from time to time.  He is more thought-provoking than most radio commentators.




2 Responses to Michael Savage

  1. Phojo6 says:

    The savage wiener among other things, is an accomplished liar and neurotic hysteric who will say or do anything to stir up an audience and gain sympathy (and monetary donations for his “legal fund” — even ‘tho he rarely if ever, wins a case, and earns over $10 mil a year).

    He mispronounces a ton of words and his rating dropped to 4th from 3rd months ago; he has never acknowledge this. By now, he is likely 5th or lower.

    By any rational standard, he is considered a sincere lunatic and many of us feel that the culmination of his pathetic career will soon end when he mentally crashes and burns while on the air.

    Who else — anywhere, do you know of, who constantly needs to remind his audience that “he has a real Ph.D from a real university?” And he lies about that, too. His actual dissertion is about Ethnic Botany (the study of native flowers and plants), NOT epidemiology as he frequently claims and of which he knows damned little.

  2. Nunya says:

    I could not agree with you more.. If he has as many followers as he says and as much power, then why does he not put his money were his mouth is. It is obvious even to the casual observer that this country is in serious trouble. If he is as powerfull as he thinks he is why does he not stop running his mouth and organize all of his so-called followers and take some action….. After water his plants of course..

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