Citibank Incompetence

About six months ago I was contacted by Citibank asking me if a representative could come by my house and explained to me the advantages of getting a Citibank credit card. I agreed, and a few days later a man came by and gave me the whole dog and pony show about how it was such a great offer, and all I had to do was sign on the dotted line. I agreed, signed the document, and expected to get it in a few days. About two weeks later, I got a letter from Citibank stating that they could not proceed with my application for some undisclosed reason. I contacted the representative, who came to my house, and explained the situation. He seemed surprised, and said that he would check into it and get back with me. I never heard from the man again. I thought of writing a complaint letter to Citibank, but apparently in their websites there’s no way to contact them either by phone or e-mail.

I had forgotten about the whole incident, when six months later another representative from Citibank called me, and asked if he could come by. I agreed, and the man came by, and said that there had been some temporary confusion in the paperwork, but that everything was perfectly fine now.  All I had to do was sign on the dotted line, and I would get my card in a few days. He repeatedly assured me, that this had just been a small glitch, and that everything would now go forward as intended.

Well, two weeks after that, I got the same letter, stating that they could not issue me the card due to some undisclosed reason. I have thought about contacting the local Citibank office to complain, but at this point I see that Citibank is so incompetent and disorganized that I never want to do business with them again. Actually, I think it may be for the best that I didn’t get the card, because I don’t want to start getting involved in a financial relationship with an organization that is this incompetent.

The more I read about the large financial companies, the less I like.  Not only are they opportunistic and predatory, but they are also often sloppy and disorganized.  Just read the book, Griftopia by Matt Tabbi, to see how financial enterprises, have been utterly negligent in doing correct bookkeeping. The whole Robo signing of the mortgages is just a classic example of that.

After all the scandals with the banks, I was skeptical about Citibank, but I had hoped that maybe they had sobered up and were engaging in legitimate business again. Now I see that they don’t know their head from their ass.  Just a warning to all you out there that might be interested in doing business with Citibank, to be careful.


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