Using labels as weapons

The left has a whole arsenal of words that they use as labels to throw out every time they hear an opinion that they disagree with and want to shut down logical debate and intimidate their opponents.  Probably their favorite word is a term “racist”. If people criticize Obama, they’re immediately labeled as being racist. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. The term “racism” is defined as the belief that one race superior (or has superior elements) then another race. In other words, Quinn people say that blacks are more likely to get sickle cell anemia, or to be deficient in vitamin D because of the darkness of their skin in northern latitudes, those are racist statements, because they are making a judgment that’s one race is (at least in this respect) superior/inferior to another race. Such statements of racial differences (and many more) also happen to be undeniably true.  Just open your eyes, and you’ll see average differences in different races and ethnicities all over the place: in medicine, IQ rates, height and obesity levels, athletic prowess, the color of their skin, etc., etc., etc. So, what the left has managed to do is to make the truth verboten.  If we point out the obvious, that racial and ethnic differences do exist — despite our common humanity — we are immediately labeled as being “racist”, and we are supposed to shut up. How convenient. The left has been able to deny reality by declaring reality beyond the pale.  It’s really the same as a fundamentalist religion, which doggedly insists that their theology is right, while the empirical reality, which we observe around us, is declared to be a sin.  It is like the Mormon missionaries, who to this day, insist that the American Indians are descended from a family of ancient Hebrews, despite the fact that all scientific evidence points to the reality that the American Indians descended from tribes up in northeast Siberia. They continue to insist this, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, because the book of Mormon says so, and the book of Mormon cannot be wrong. So, belief trumpets reality.  However, I much prefer the Mormons to the politically correct types, because at least the Mormons allow me to have my own views on the matter.  They recognize that religion is a matter of personal opinion. Leftists, on the other hand, not only deny the reality of racial, gender and genetic differences, but they also insist that everyone else must deny it to, all so that their cherished ideologies about absolute human equalness can be preserved.  This is why I say that political correctness is really a fundamentalist religion, with belief superior to reality.  Furthermore, like the very worst of the fundamentalist religious types, people who are politically correct so often become mean and nasty when someone dares to disagree with one of their cherished dogmas. When they hear comments that upset their delicate belief system, we so often are confronted with name-calling and personal attacks of the lowest common denominator. They are so filled with a sense of moral righteousness, like a good fundamentalist, that they feel no obligation to treat their ideological adversaries with even a modicum of respect.

Another convenient term t the left has invented, is the word “climate change”. Since the world has been changing since it was formed, is still changing, and will most certainly continue to change in the future, what they have essentially done is taken a perfectly normal phenomenon, and turned it into a pathology. It used to be called “global warming”, but they dropped that term that after a while because the word indicates that the planet actually should be warming, and is therefore falsifiable, if evidence of warming never really appears. With the new term “climate change” it is unfalsifiable. Literally anything can be described as “climate change”: droughts, floods, unseasonably warm, unseasonably cold, etc.


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