My preferences in females

One interesting question that has been going around in my mind concerns different racial and ethnic groups and their relative degree of attractiveness among the female population. So, in this spirit I will give you a description of which ethnic and racial groups I personally find to be the most attractive. Let me make a couple points clear before I continue. First, this is merely my own personal opinion. I’m sure that there are many others out there who disagreed with me (and many others who agree with me). Questions of beauty and aesthetics are, to a large degree, subjective and in the eyes of the beholder. Another point I want to make is that when I describe a group, I am making generalizations about the average. I do not deny that in every group there are vast differences between the prettiest in the ugliest. What I am talking about is my general impression. As a final note, I also believe that each race/ethnicity has a tendency to prefer its own, which is not surprising if one understands evolution and sociobiology.  The last point I want to make is that, there are pretty girls in almost all races, and just because a female happens to belong to a group that I tend to prefer does not guarantee that she will be pretty, nor does it guarantee that if she comes from a group that I tend not to be attracted to, that she will automatically be ugly. The individual matters enormously, and everyone is unique.  I am only making generalizations using the criteria of race and ethnicity. I could make other generalizations based on other characteristics, but that is not the focus of this entry.  Races certainly not the only criteria when a judge beauty. However, I have found that I can’t to be more attracted to females from certain groups. I believe this happens to everyone.

So, without further ado here are my preferences. All other things being equal, my ideal girl is blond haired, blue-eyed, and tanned.  To put it simply, it is the Hugh Hefner´s girlfriend look, or the Swede on vacation at the beach look.  Aside from that, my favorite girls are Caucasians. There are many very pretty ones both from the Nordic look, to the darker Mediterranean appearance.

Next in my general list of attractiveness, are the Arabs and the Indians, especially those who look more Caucasian, and have little Dravidian or African blood. This should not be surprising, since these individuals are basically Caucasians, and in general, I find Caucasian females to be the most attractive.  The best Arab and Indian women can be extraordinarily beautiful.

After that, in descending order, comes the Asian girls. Some of them are quite beautiful, while others I find fairly boring in appearance, but overall they are decent.  The prettiest group in Asia tends to be the Korean girls, many of whom are exceptionally attractive, and often very feminine to boot.

Descending further we are beginning to get into more problematic territory with the American Indian girls. They seem to come broadly into types: the majority are usually quite unattractive, being short, often fat, and with heavy features. However, there is a minority that are very attractive with very fine features, so it really depends and there is a wide variety. The mestizos (who are a mixture of European and Indian blood) represent an interesting case. And, they tend to be, in general, much more attractive than the pure Indian girls, and not infrequently can be very beautiful and attractive. Eva Longorina, from desperate housewives, is an example of this, combining the best of European and Indian features, giving her a refined, exotic and sexy appearance.

Below this, are black girls. This is the only major race that I hardly ever find truly attractive, at least when talking about pure African blood. To me black women are almost invariably unattractive. They tend to be heavy, their hair is short and kinky, and even when they straighten it, it still looks unnatural. Their noses are too wide and their lips are too inflated. The skin is too dark, and in general the features are just too unfeminine and unrefined.  They often look similar to men, especially when in the African countryside, and they don’t have the advantage of hair straighteners and other treatments.  Of course, there are variations of attractiveness among black girls, but it’s surprising to me how few full-blooded black girls hold any real attractiveness to me. At most, the most attractive ones tend to be merely “cute”, but not sexy or beautiful.  Even someone like Naomi Campbell fails to impress me. She has a nice body, I don’t see anything amazing interface. I strain to think of a single full-blooded black girl whom I could consider to be “hot”.  I remember being surprised by comments given by black men, that black women are the most attractive out there. Of course, like I said, each group tends to be attracted to their own, and it’s all very subjective. I don’t find female chimpanzees attractive, but male chimpanzees do. So, each group, to some extent, has its own criteria about what is and isn’t attractive.  Black men appear to have a general preference for much bigger butts than I do, for example.

However, the mulattas (a mixture of African and European blood) can be attractive. In general, I’m not a great fan of even the mulattas, but they are certainly much more attractive than the full-blooded black girls, and sometimes they combine the best examples of blacks and whites. There is a certain class of mulatta, with a very heavily Caucasian mix and only the slightest touch of African blood, who can be quite good looking. Examples come to mind with Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, etc.  These girls look essentially Caucasian, with Caucasian features and hair, except that their touch of African blood which gives them a certain sexy exoticness with tanned looking skin, a certain voluptuousness, and the potential promise that they will be more “hot-blooded”, and thus easier to take to bed. Caucasian girls may look more refined, but there is the impression that they’re less spontaneous, and, in a certain sense, “colder”, than the mulatta girls. I remember hearing on TV about a couple of Spanish guys talking about how much they enjoyed Cuba with the mulattas.  They might not be the type that they would necessarily want for a long-term relationship, but while on vacation, the mulatta girls held out the promise of easy sex and fun, while hopefully being almost as attractive as the more selective white girls.

Last on the list are the Australian aborigines females, who to me, are not just merely uninteresting (as of the black girls), but generally downright ugly. Actually, the aborigines in general are the only human race that really stands out in the ugliness category. Their features tend to look so primitive.

So, these are my preferences ranked according to the category of race and ethnicity. This is a sensitive subject, and many people tend to take comments personally. I want to re-emphasize that this is only my own personal subjective opinion. Everyone has their own opinion, which varies at least to some degree, from everyone else. We also have the right to express our personal preferences. If someone wants to state that he personally finds white girls to be the ugliest thing around — well — that is his opinion. I don’t agree with it, but he has a right to state it.  And, if people get upset by my personal opinion, they probably should not be reading my blog.


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