More thoughts on DSK

There is one more aspect of the DSK trial that has come to mind. While I believe that the man has been guilty of a witchhunt mentality by feminists and right-wing people who hate the French and socialists, and that the man should be let freed, I now realize that his consensual sex with a woman is a bit sleazy.  Of course, I’m not saying that it’s illegal. I’m not even particularly upset by extramarital affairs by leading politicians. The whole Monica Lewinsky affair was not much of a big deal to me. I guess I can put up with infidelity if it’s not done in mass, and the whole affair is carried off with someone worthy of infidelity. It is all a question of degree and how one goes about it.

Quite frankly the idea of Dominique having sex with a low class, sleazy, Ghanian maid (with a history of lying and ties to criminals), seems to show to me an appalling lack of selectiveness on his part. It indicates to me that he has really low standards with whom he decides to share a bed with. I just prefer that are if leaders are going to be unfaithful, that they don’t do it all the time, and that they do it with someone who is worth it.  I suppose it’s just my opinion, but I find the whole idea of this very intelligent well-educated man stooping so low to not reflect well on his character, or to reveal a weakness in his character.  He gives the impression that he would happily screw anything, as long as its female and human.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the man should go to jail. Having certain character defects is not the same as being a criminal, and we should not confuse the two. Engaging in sleazy consensual sex is not the same as rape, even though both activities are distasteful. One is criminal and the other is not.


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