As part of the collective witch hunt of DSK, I have heard opinions to the effect that because the man is a socialist he should be thrown in jail. While I am no great fan of socialism (quite the contrary), and even less so of the Mediterranean and French variety, which tends to be especially corrupt and self indulgent, the fact that the man is a French socialist is absolutely no justification for throwing him in jail. Even elitist French Socialists deserve justice. Everyone deserves justice. People have let their personal prejudices completely interfere with any attempt to be fair and impartial about the case. It seems that in our current climate, taking advantage of every political situation is not only justified but desirable. Fairness is not important. The only thing that matters is winning. I disagree with his viewpoint. I believe that if people have to debase the morals in order to win, they have debased the cause that they’re fighting for.


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