The President´s Photographer

this is a video about the phenomenon that I knew little of before. Presidencies days have at least one official photographer that goes with them all over the place constantly taking photographs of them. The documentary is interesting because it exposes an aspect of the president that I had not known about before. It’s interesting how there is very little privacy with the president constantly being photographed all day long.

I think we can see the political correctness in our elitist institutions by the way National Geographic treats Obama in reverential tones. It’s almost as if they were doing a documentary on the dear leader of North Korea. I believe that this was done in the early days of the Obama presidency before the mast Kool-Aid effect had worn off, and so many people in elite institutions still believed that Obama would be their politically correct savior.  Morgan Freeman narrates the whole event was a great reverence and awe. This is not surprising since virtually all Blacks regard Obama is the best thing that ever existed. Of course maybe National Geographic’s propaganda piece was simply the price that they had to pay to gain access to this story. After all, National Geographic knows that it is not in its interest to bite the hands feeds it. This is a problem with all large established media organizations that are able to gain access to power. In an effort to continue to have that access, they will not keep their subjects feet to the fire, but will do everything they can to please them, and continue the “productive” relationship.

Anyway, if you can get over the worshipful slant of the documentary, it actually is quite interesting: both to learn about the President´s photographer, and to learn how the president functions.  One thing that struck me once again at seeing Obama in action is just how much of a schmoozer and the charmer he really is. Most presidents know how to work a crowd, but Obama is a master. He is also a great speech giver, able to really work up a crowd, turn off their brains, but get their emotions on overdrive. In one of the speeches which he was giving, I saw echoes of other great demagogic political orators, such as Mussolini or Hitler. I think such people can actually be dangerous, although by now I believe that Obama has lost most of his credibility, and the masses are no longer willing to jump off a cliff just because he says so. Also, Obama is not principally interested in reaching people through logic. He prefers to play upon their emotions.

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