Hispanics in America

I want to clarify my previous comments about Hispanics.  Some might interpret my comments that I hate all people from Latin America.  Not at all.  I have travelled and lived in several countries in South America, and I speak fluent Spanish.  I have also met many very nice Latin people.  I enjoy the food, and the dancing.  My comments are not about individuals, nor am I damning all Hispanics.  But, facts are facts, and they cannot be denied.  The reality is that these people come from very troubled countries, full of crime, corruption, poverty, and other failings.  Why do you think that they are so desperate to get to the US?  To learn English?  For the “better” weather?  To leave behind their families, friends and culture that they grew up with?  No, they are leaving, because life has become impossible in their native countries, due to crime, poverty, violence, dysfunction, etc.  People who live in prosperous, well functioning, high quality of life countries never emigrate in mass as they are doing in Latin America.  Some towns in Mexico are lacking men due to so many of then leaving the country to go north.  The same is not true with Switzerland.

Places like Mexico are screwed up for a reason.  It is not just by chance that they are failed states.  The country is a democracy and its failings can be laid squarely at the feet of the people.  I know it is harsh, but that is reality.  Crime occurs because people engage in crime.  Corruption is rampant because people do it.  Not all Mexicans are like that.  Some are wonderfully productive and honest people, but the reality is that collectively they have screwed up their country, and now they are coming to the US, and bringing their habits and way of life with them.  Mexicans, who created and maintain the mess in their own country, do not magically change once they cross the border into America.  They are still the same people, and they bring the same problems with them.  So in importing Mexicans in mass, we are importing Mexican problems in mass.  We are importing Mexico into the US, and do we really want that?

A couple caveats.  If were importing the best Mexicans (most educated, highest IQ, most successful) we would not be having these problems, I believe.  But, we are not.  We are importing a ton of poor Mexicans.  Another point: the first generation may mitigate some of the problems, by having the immigrant desire to start over and do better.  What I am worried about are the second and third generation Mexican-Americans who have lost the immigrant drive to sacrifice for a new life.  Third generation Mexican-Americans have lower education levels than natives.  In other words each generation is not progressing, but stagnating at a low level.  What do we do with this growing underclass of Mexican-Americans now too proud and comfortable to do the manual labor of their grandparents, but too uneducated to have a professional job?  This is the problem of so many blacks, who refuse to do jobs like construction and cleaning, but lack the education and drive to achieve a higher level job.  So they do very little, living in poverty, and supporting themselves with sporadic jobs, welfare, crime and drugs.  Their neighborhoods are blighted messes, they contribute very little to the economy, and consume enormous state resources which they do not pay for.  Detroit is an example of what happens when the underclass takes over, and turn the city into one big ghetto full of despair.  I fear that so many Mexican-Americans will join and are joining their black compatriots, in expanding poverty, slums and all kinds of social problems.  The future demands high IQ, well skilled workers who can handle complexity-not strong backs and simple minds, or worse, welfare dependents.

Once again, apologies to all the Hispanics out there.  Many of you are wonderful people, but at the same time I have to be truthful about the reality of the situation.  Reality is often ugly, and my country is on the line.


2 Responses to Hispanics in America

  1. Christy says:

    You mention Blacks and Latinos what about your trailer trash counter parts that live this way…no mention of them…Your country is only getting what it dishes out…Whites are getting what they deserve I hope they wipe you out totally

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