Pinegrove33 Quintastics and aging


Pinegrove33 Quintastics and aging

Pinegrove33 is a great new video (see below). Basically he talks about an article that states that, the new women who are 50 years old are at the peak of their success personally, and that they don’t have to worry about daily problems like getting old and being unattractive.

I suppose some people just want to be lied to because facing the awful truth is just too unpleasant. So, they prefer to read articles telling them that at the age of 50, that they are as attractive to men as they ever were. This, of course, is total nonsense. The reality is that we all get old, and we all age. It seems to me that accepting this unavoidable reality gracefully will help people deal with it much better, than desperate attempts to deny reality, as this article attempts to do. Women especially are prone to not want to have to face the facts that, after 30 something years old, the beauty starts to slip noticeably. There is simply no way that any remotely normal 50-year-old could ever be highly sexually attractive, especially compared with the normal 20-year-old. The reality is that, through the forces of evolutionary selection pressures, men are hardwired to desire women who are fertile, and the more for tile the better. By age 50 a woman’s fertility is shot, and so is her attractiveness. She may be the most wonderful and delightful person to be around, and men may enjoy and seek out her company, but there’s no way that these men are going to strive to want to have sex with her (unless she is the only option available). With all other things being equal, men will overwhelmingly choose the younger woman to take to bed. We can try to deny this reality we want, but it is not going to change it, and men are not going to change, any more than dogs are going to stop wagging their tails.

However, it’s not just women that have trouble. The whole baby boomer generation spent their early years completely identified with the concept of youth over age. The mentality of young people in the 1960s was a self-righteous sense that they, the new generation, were smart, hip, cool, enlightened and with it. The older generation, in contrast, was considered to be conservative, rigid, backward and hidebound. Remember the phrase, “Never trust anyone over 30.”. The 1960s must’ve been a heady time, because the baby boomer generation has spent its entire existence since then seeped in wave after wave of 60s nostalgia. The boomer generation, that identified so profoundly with youth and youth culture being everything good, and being old with being out of it and uncool, has aged extremely ungracefully. Decade after decade goes by, and so many of that generation continue to try desperately to remain trendy, youthful and cool. They have been dragged kicking and screaming through time. All of this creates an extended form of semi-adolescence, as they try to show everyone how with it they are. It seems to me that is not a crime to get older, it is generally best for people to act their age. I see nothing particularly empowering and seeing a bunch 50-year-olds acting as if they were 20 years old. In the past, it was simply expected that people would get older. But not with the baby boomer generation, desperately trying to clean to their use and keep up appearances.


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