Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is overlooked in the West, probably because big Pharma likes it like that.  I am not saying that all alternative medicine is useful, but much of it appears to be, if only for the placebo effect.  Either way it tends to he cheap, non harmful, and if it works, it works.  In the end is it really that important whether the mind did it, or it the treatment worked thru physical methods?  There is a lot that we don´t know about alternative medicine and allopathic medicine is too quick to dismiss it out of hand.


U.S. military goes alt-med

By Dr. William Campbell Douglass on 06/18/2011

You want the cheapest possible solution to a medical problem? Put the U.S. military in charge!

Sure, they’ll blow $600 on a toilet seat without thinking twice — but they’ll nickel-and-dime our own soldiers right into the grave when it comes to healthcare.

But don’t protest outside of the Pentagon just yet. As it turns out, the low-budget bottom-line has more doctors turning to low-cost alternative treatments.

Acupuncture used in battlefield medicine

Just take a look at Afghanistan, where medics are using acupuncture to treat soldiers who’ve been wounded in action.

Docs on the scene say they started using the technique after running out of other options for dealing with the sleeplessness, nightmares, headaches, and anxiety that often mark these soldiers.

One doc told the Wall Street Journal that he’s tried it on more than 20 soldiers, and all but three have gotten big-time relief.


The only thing keeping acupuncture from going mainstream among the military is stubborn jarhead pride: Most soldiers laugh off the treatment without trying it… and, even worse, take jabs at the soldiers who do give it a shot.

But since the acupuncture patients are sleeping better and back to fighting terrorists instead of migraines, I’d say they’re getting the last laugh.


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