For the past few weeks America has been consumed by the Wiener scandal. While I think that his actions merit an occasional brief media commentary, the collective of obsession in the United States is totally excessive. I think he represents our repressed infantile nature when it comes to sexuality. When we see our leaders acting in a sexually kinky way, we cannot hide our tremendous fascination and curiosity into the matter, but we covered it up you with a hypocritical sense of moral propriety and condemnation. It’s basically like someone asking for all the lurid details so he can self-righteously condemn it.

The other problem of course with the media circus and while Wiener is that it distracts from much more important issues. Of course the mainstream media has made an art form out of trivializing and ignoring important issues, but with so many topics that need attention, can we really afford to let all of our attention be entirely consumed on what essentially represents the sexual perversions of one congressman?

A final aspect of this is that they brought public is only able to concentrate on a very limited number of issues at one time. If the media can get the people consume which reality is they won’t be focusing on the vast corruption and abuse of power that is occurring in their midst. I’m not sure if the mainstream media does this intentionally, but their continual focus on trivial issues like the latest Britney Spears gossip or the Wiener affaire, simply dumbs the country down and distracts us from much more important problems that we need to focus on.


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