Apple Design

I recently went to the Apple store, and I was struck once again at how refined and attractive their products are. They have been able to create a look, and after all these years no one has been able to completely successfully. Obviously the Apple team has thought carefully about what they’re doing. Unlike most manufacturers who love to build in plastic, almost all of their devices are made out of metal, glass, and a little bit of plastic here and there, which gives them a high quality almost sensual tactile sensation. I noticed that the glass on the screens on their large computers run all the way up to the edge, creating a seamless surface. One ironic quality about all of these products is that, in the end, they are actually based on quite simple geometric designs. I think that industrial designers in all other companies have a tendency to over decorate overcomplicate their designs, and a desperate desire to make their products look unique and distinct. I often think that they would do better if they simply designed them to do with the need to do.

Despite my many misgivings about Apple, the products are overpriced, their systems are completely controlled and closed,  I have to give them credit for the quality of their design, and for doing things that seem obvious in hindsight, and yet no one bothered to do it until Apple came along. And, to this day no one has been able to copy the Apple design completely successfully. I’m not quite sure why.


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