The Wage Gap

People like Nancy Pelosi keep talking about how they’re going to close the mythical wage gap between men and women.  However, they never do it. I recently heard that in 1972 Congress passed a law making it illegal for there to be wage discrimination between men and women, and curiously this law may be what actually is preventing the feminists from implementing their great goal of mandating equal wages between men and women for unequal work. The fact is that for nearly 40 years it has been illegal to discriminate in compensation between men and women in the workplace, and any effort to impose equal wages for unequal work and unequal skills, would presumably go against the law. So, just maybe that a law about equality is actually hindering the feminists in their continual goal of female preference and superiority,

In the 1970s the equal rights amendment was all the rage, and the feminists supported it loudly. However it never was adopted, and people stopped talking about it. I think the reason that the feminists stopped trying to promote the ERA is because equal rights between men and women is the last thing that the feminists want. A true equal rights amendment would invalidate all kinds of privileges women and feminists have set up for themselves. For instance, presumably women’s colleges would become illegal. So to would affirmative action for women, as well as a myriad of other programs designed to advantage and privilege women over men. Not only that, but they would have to sign up for the selective service as well. Apparently equality isn’t so desirable after all. Why have equality when women can have superiority?  Blacks are the same way. The last thing people like Jesse Jackson want is equality before the law.


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