Republicans divided over Obama care

I was listening to a  story on NPR about how the Republicans apparently are divided about whether to try to repeal Obama care. The rank-and-file base is overwhelmingly against the new health-care initiative, but their are powerful commercial interests that want to see it go forward. In other words the Republican Party will be split between its base, and whoever is paying it the most money. The fact of the medical Mafia wants to keep Obama care is not a good sign. While there may be some argument that the industry does not want changes to a reform process that they have been adapting to, I believe that the main reason for opposition to any changes is that Obama care will enable the medical cartel to make even more money. After all the health-care reform bill was mostly written by lobbyists. Obama care was promoted as a way to save money bring health care costs down, but if that were true then the medical cartel would be opposing it tooth and nail. The fact that the industry supports Obama care is a sign that it will in fact increase costs. 19 vote of confidence about Obama care is that it won’t even go into effect until four years it was signed into law. Ostensibly the reason is to allow everyone time to adjust.  But, I believe the real reason is that Obama wants the new reforms to go into effect sufficiently down the line is that when it goes wrong he will either be out of office, or will have won his second term which will be his last. In other words Obama has calculated that when the mud hits the fan, he will already have got his and will be at a safe distance.  it’s very easy to promise how these new reforms will lower costs, but the way that Obama is taking his sweet time in implementing them suggests that the opposite is true. The fact is that any reform of the industry that would have seriously reduced costs-and profits-, would have been fought to the death by the medical cartel, and it is very doubtful that Congress would ever have ever approved it.


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