Government workers with too much time on their hands

In all the talk recently about how the government can cut in the budget, I think that this particular area is one of the first ones that should get the ax. Once again, there is plenty of waste to cut.  It is simply a case of correctly prioritizing.

Feds target Amish in bizarre sting operation

By wcdouglass
Created 06/07/2011 – 6:00am
Feds target Amish in bizarre sting operation

It’s the roughest, toughest gang of outlaws you’ve ever seen — a band of bearded renegades so dangerous that a federal agency needed help from TWO law enforcement departments during a recent raid.

The Amish must be stopped!

These buggy-driving menaces represent such a threat to the American Way of Life that the feds put one of them in the crosshairs of an 18-month sting operation.

But this wasn’t about weapons, drugs or counterfeit money — it was about RAW MILK.

Raw Deal!

This thriller begins with brave FDA agents putting their lives on the line by infiltrating another group of known radicals: Washington, D.C.-area families that enjoy farm-fresh milk and other organic goods.

These families know that raw milk is superior in every way to Big Dairy’s watered-down swill and that it can even cure everything from asthma to autism. But since it’s illegal to buy raw milk in Maryland, where most of these families live, they were forced to look elsewhere.

That’s when they joined together to form a cooperative to buy a stake in Dan Allgyer’s Pennsylvania farm. It’s a way of skirting the law — you’re not “buying” the milk if you already own the farm.

Little did they know there were traitors in their midst: Undercover FDA agents using assumed names joined the club and attended gatherings in members’ homes… where they secretly gathered evidence to use against Allgyer.

And when the Amish farmer ultimately delivered his contraband, the agents turned into Elliot Ness and the Untouchables, launching an armed predawn raid on his Pennsylvania farm with the help of U.S. marshals and state police.

All that was missing was a team of Navy SEALS!

Naturally, there’s no real evidence against Allgyer. After a year and a half undercover, the feds can’t point to a single sick customer or a single case of contaminated milk.

The only supposed crime Allgyer committed was “selling” his milk across state lines — but since the cooperative is technically an owner and not a customer, even that argument is thinner than pasteurized milk.


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