Politicians and feminism and the women´s vote

This video series is very interesting. It contains interesting arguments that even I have not thought about concerning some of the subtle ways in which our feminists and female influenced society automatically blames men while exonerating women.  the video talks about the fact that, when analyzing the breakdown of the black family, people like Obama invariably blame black men, while upholding black women as noble sacrificers or is for their children (see the video).  while Obama is half right that too many black men are not doing their share of the responsibility in raising children, the reality is that women should not be off the hook either. The more I analyze dysfunctional male/female relationships, the more I so often see the tendency that when there are problems, it takes two to tango. The media and popular culture likes to give the image that when a woman is in a relationship with a lout, she is a noble innocent victim and he is the abuser. While this is sometimes true, reality shows that very often (for subconscious reasons) these women are attracted to bad boys and problematic men. These women are victims, but they are also protagonists in their victimization and often tend to enable it.

the same is true for the kinds of lower class black women do tend to have children from fathers who are not exactly model citizens. Feminists would like to have us all believe that these women had nothing to do with the fact that they had unprotected sex with these irresponsible people. The fact is that the typical macho gangsta rapper type — who probably will not make a good father or husband — tends to be quite popular with females in the ghetto. So, it becomes clear that these women, in so many cases, have chosen to be with men who obviously do not possess the ability to be good fathers. Furthermore, as the video points out, it is women who initiate the majority of divorces, so who is creating single parenthood here? Finally, the way our feminist influenced system is set up, women are incentivized through divorce law, to get divorced. And, the plethora of government welfare programs to single women also encourages, especially poor women, to have numerous kids out of wedlock, because in the end big daddy government welfare state will take care of them.

In sum, I don’t want to let the responsible low class black man off the hook. They clearly need to do a better job as citizens and fathers. But, their female counterparts also bear a huge part of the responsibility for the breakdown of the black family, and the myriad resulting social problems that resultfrom single parenthood. Feminism love to blame man, but it clearly sends out the message (that has permeated so much of our popular culture) that women are not responsible for the actions. While men are encouraged to “man up”, women are exempt from responsibility and would never be asked to “woman up”.  It is just another example of how feminism has been able to influence women so often to prefer equality when it suits them, traditionalism when it suits them and finally female preference when it suits them. The rules are constantly changing, according to the situation, so that females come out privileged and then come out this advantage. It is time that we treated both sexes fairly, and not according to an ideologically and politically driven agenda of female superiority/male inferiority.


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