The Duke Lacross Case

one of the nastiest cases in recent years of political correctness gone amok is the famous Duke lacrosse rape case. This represents a classic confluence of the politics of race combined with feminism. Several men had their lives completely torn apart based on nothing more than a very flimsy accusation (and no physical evidence). The district attorney who handled the case, was determined to do everything possible to keep the case moving forward, in order to satisfy his black constituencies demand for racial revenge against whites. Many of the professors at Duke, especially those in the humanities, were only too delighted to rush to judgment about the case. For these leftists, the rape case represented a far too delicious example example of presumed upper-class, white and male privilege leading inevitably to abuse. And, the black accuser represented for these politically correct leftists, the perfect example of the downtrodden black female “victim”. For too many of the professors at Duke, the truth of the case was far more secondary then their desire to “prove” how their ideology was presumably correct. This is what students get when they spend a small fortune to go to a prestigious college, and their sky high tuition pays the salaries for a professoriate which is only too eager to publicly and gleefully rush to judgment about about a case of which they know little.

The left loves to recount to everyone tails of injustice perpetrated by white majorities in places like Georgia in the 1950s, more than half a century ago. I wonder if they will have the same enthusiasm to preach about the evils of this case to people in the future. I wonder if they are talking now, and will continue to talk about how OJ Simpson managed to get away with murder, because his defense lawyer was smart enough to stack the jury with black females, who were only too happy to let off a brother who “gave that white bitch what she deserved”. I have my doubts.

For a more complete accounting of the scandal please watch the video below.


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