The Double Standard in Pop Culture

Leftists love to analyze popular culture to discover the myriad ways that it presumably is full of racism, sexism and all kinds of other — isms. Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to do my own little analysis of some of the double standards that also exists.

Recently, I have been noticing how in popular TV shows like, the Big Bang theory, there is quite a lot of violence done by women against men. The most extreme example was when Howard Wallowitz went in for an inopportune kiss, and Penny punched him in the nose apparently breaking it. The whole scene was treated like a big joke, and Penny didn’t get in trouble. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if the reverse has been true, and Howard had deliberately punched Penny in the nose, causing her to have to go to the hospital.  First of all, such a scene would never have occurred, because (unlike the presumed humor inherent in a girl punching a guy) it would be considered to upsetting for a sitcom. Furthermore, Howard (unlike Penny) would have been arrested by the police and hauled off to jail for his act of violence. Finally, I am sure that we would have been treated to a small pious homily on how violence is unacceptable.

Another example is the Jerry Springer show. I was noticing in all the numerous fights among the participants that there was a lot of violence between women, between men, and with women hitting men. However, I did not see a single instance of a man physically attacking a woman.

Despite what the feminists say about the supposedly “pervasive” violence against women, it seems very clear to me that even at the very low standards of the Jerry Springer show, there is an unwritten rule in the media that the only type of violence that is not acceptable, is violence by men against women. If a man is shown hitting a woman, it is almost always within the context of a serious hard-hitting drama, usually intending to expose the ills of our society.

What irritates me in all of this is the inherent double standard.  I see the fingerprints of the feminists all over this. They have been able to establish an unwritten rule that male on female violence is absolutely unacceptable, while female on male violence is actually quite okay. It is just another example of how feminism is not about equality, but about special privileges for females, and about hurting males.


3 Responses to The Double Standard in Pop Culture

  1. pornonymous says:

    Hey, I used your article here in my article today. I also have links to statistics about women who commit violence against men, but here is a good resource if you ever need it.

    Women are more likely to sexually abuse a child than they are to sexually abuse a man–and that is just the women who get caught.

    Also, most violence in relationships is initiated by women. Martin Fiebert has collected data for three decades, and ALWAYS women lead in acts of violence.

    We need to get active redefining the terminology they are using to create the presumption of women’s innocence–there is nothing innocent in lying.

  2. […] Jerry Springer, and all those violent women? At least he showed us the truth about women who your man goes to when you are pregnant, because […]

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