Endocrine 101: How The Whole Thing Works

By betted
Created 06/02/2011 – 8:00am
Endocrine 101: How The Whole Thing Works

Everybody has an endocrine system. At least half of them don’t work right. And most of that 50% struggle every day–if only trying to locate the bus that hit them.

Must’ve been a bus. Well, maybe a truck. It had to be something big to flatten us so completely.

We don’t know what caused the problem, why it had to pick on us or how to fix it.

Meanwhile, doctors tell us we’re ‘fine.’ We know we’re not ‘fine,’ but we don’t know what to do about it.

Well, one thing we can do is learn about how things work. Understanding the endocrine system works makes it a whole lot easier to understand how it gets done in. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Now I recognize that you probably never put understanding the endocrine system on your top-ten list of things to do. But sometimes you just have to dig in and do what you have to do to get where you want to be.

If you’re content to live at the bottom of the energy barrel and don’t want to be bothered with understanding how it goes, you can ignore me. Is this a great country or what?

Cause I’m talking endocrine.

Our bodies have lots of pipes and plumbing taking things hither and yon, but not the endocrine system. Our endo systems are almost entirely plumbing-free. They have to work without it.

Here’s how it goes: Our endocrine glands emit hormones. The hormones drift along through our bodies until they come upon receptors that chemically fit them, with each hormone have its own specific set of receptors. Having found a fit, the hormone locks into the receptor and gets to work. Nothing happens until the hormone/receptor fit happens.

Unfortunately, chemically similar imposters lurk about, ready to enter and take over the receptor before the hormone can get there. Chaos ensues.

While things seem to be working, our hormones lose the power and the glory to do anything.

For instance, the iodine that completes your thyroid hormone gets pushed out by fluoride, chlorine and, most of all, bromine (a fire retardant used in bread and other baked goods–for reasons unknown, but probably money. It usually doesn’t show up on the ingredients label lest people avoid it.)

With no place to go and nothing to do, iodine gets washed away in your urine. But when thyroid loses its iodine and combines with the imposter, you end up with thyroid that doesn’t work. That’s bad enough, but here’s the real gotcha: Blood tests can’t tell the difference between functional, iodine-enriched hormone and the imposter garbage, so they say you’re ‘fine.’ Bald, brain-fogged and tired to death, but ‘fine.’ The test said so.

Some hormones get even. If you take phony-baloney estrogen into your body, you put yourself in a world of hurt. Whether it’s something you eat, plastic containers, the lining in canned foods, parabens in your lotions and potions, birth control pills, whatever–fake estrogen wreaks havoc. You end up awash in estrogen, and things run seriously amok. And guys need to know that estrogen is an equal opportunity destroyer.

You can end up with estrogen dominance. Men grow moobs, lose their libido along with their testosterone and can eventually succumb to prostate cancer. Women say ‘good-bye’ to their libido, too, and ‘hello’ to PMS, endometriosis, menopause problems, etc. They also increase their odds of breast cancer. Little boys endure a lifetime of low testosterone. No more John Waynes to take care of business; just Pee Wee Hermans. Little girls experience precocious puberty–and a lifetime of estrogen problems, including fertility issues.

While doctors know the emitter/receptor process, they’re not taught the rest of what you just read. We really need to know this stuff if we’re going to conquer it.

So, learn and conquer. That’s what I’m talking about.


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