Apple and Environmentalism

The company Apple has always been a favorite of the Oh so progressive and environmentally conscious upper income, left of center and San Francisco living type of person. You know the type of person who presumably is so concerned about the environment, and lets everybody know just how ecologically responsible he is. Apple Computer tends to attract this type of person. However, despite its hip progressive image, Apple has never had an especially good environmental record. Apple definitely makes some good products, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that the company is in any way morally superior. The bottom line at Apple is that they want to make as much money as possible, and making pleasing and attractive products is simply part of their strategy. So is overcharging for their devices, creating closed proprietary systems, being only mediocre when it comes to environmental responsibility, and finally producing their high-priced gadgets in the absolute cheapest factories available, which specialize worker suicides.

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