Another cautionary tale concerning multiculturalism

Another example of failed multiculturalism is the Roman empire. This is almost never talked about in polite company, because it is politically incorrect.  Nonetheless, there is compelling evidence that the transition of Rome, from a strong unified homogeneous tribe — called the Latini — into the polyglot multicultural salad bowl that it eventually became, had profound effects upon the ability of the Roman empire to function effectively.  In the early Roman period Romans were united, disciplined and had a common sense of purpose based around the fact that they all belong to and were ethnically derived from a common tribe. once the Romans conquered so many foreign lands, it was only a matter of time before those conquered people would make their way to go live in Rome. The process was further sped up by the granting of citizenship to all free peoples who belonged to the Roman empire. By the end, when Rome was in decline, the capital was not composed of mainly ethnic Romans, but of a variety of people who had their origins in other countries belonging to the empire. In other words when Rome began to fall apart, it had become a perfect multiethnic state and society.  It should not surprise us that a common sense of loyalty and purpose was lost in the late Roman Empire, and that’s the original virtues that had made Rome so strong gave way, so often, to a generalized decadence and then every man for himself mentality. I think that what happened to the Roman Empire should be a cautionary tail to those of us who believe that multiculturalism can be imported into a society without any inherent dangers. Creating a multiethnic society was not the only reason that Rome declined, but it certainly appears to be one of the main reasons.


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