Product Review Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

I have recently purchased the notes here see six — 01. I got it not because I am necessarily Nokia fan but the price was right and it was available. Since then I have had mixed feelings about the device.

In terms of hardware in general it’s a nice device. It is built out of quality applelike materials. The back is metal and the top is made of glass, so it feels nice in the hands and has a sense of quality to it. The sound quality is also nice. The screen is clear however it’s a little on the small side which occasionally can be a bit cramped when trying to use the virtual keyboard or read text.

Unfortunately the Symbian software is not as good as the hardware. I have used the Apple iPod for a while now, and in comparing the iPod in use with a Nokia, I now realize all of the little thoughtful details that have gone into the operating system of the Apple that make is easy to use.  These details have not gone into the Nokia. Symbian is perfectly usable but it’s not well thought out and it’s not elegant. Doing tasks is often simply too unintuitive.  The phone´s software has too many quirks.  For instance in android there is one page which contains all the information of: the call log, SMS and phoning.  With Symbian that information is spread around in completely different parts. There seems to be a lack of coherence and focus with the Symbian operating system, which is odd considering that Nokia has been making smart phones with Symbian for many many years now. I do not know why in all these years and with all their resources Nokia  has not been able to get its act together. I can only assume that Nokia is simply a company that has lost focus.  That is too bad because I want to Nokia to succeed, but the results so far are not encouraging. Not only is Symbian not elegant use, but I had to take my phone back once to the shop because the Symbian operating system had frozen up and it had to be reinstalled at the shop.

It is not surprising that no kid is rapidly falling behind in this competitive marketplace. I personally do not believe that their recent merger plans with Microsoft are the best thing to do. Instead of trying to hitch their sinking ship to another sinking ship in the form of Microsoft mobile, and losing their soul in the process, they should try to figure out what Nokia lost. In other words Nokia was once a great focused innovative company, and they need to get that back. They need to figure out how they can start executing and producing quality software once again.


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