Product Review: Garmin Car GPS

I have recently purchased a Garmin car GPS. I expected it to be a very good device considering that garment has been a leader in GPS technology since it came out and that is basically all that make. However, I have been disappointed with my device. It has had some strange behavior, but worst of all I simply find its routing instructions to be poor. The irony is that I also have another GPS device by a cheaper no-name manufacturer.   I find that device, the Mio Mov, to be superior to the more expensive and well-established Garmin GPS. I don’t think that I will be buying another Garman product. If the company only makes one type of product and they are the leader in that field and they can’t get their devices right, then they have a problem. I believe the government should stop turning out so many models, and start focusing on perfecting the ones that they already have.


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