Think for yourself

What has become apparent to me is that our fine upstanding institutions-the ones that we look to to advise and protect us-like the EPA, FDA, FCC, USDA, ADA, AMA, American Cancer Association, American [insert health issue] Association.  They are all compromised and corrupt, and you cannot trust them to advise or protect you.  You have to be find out the truth and be your won advocate.  The article below illustrates a problem endemic in such institutions.


Diabetes charity funded by Big Pharma

April 5, 2011

The road to hell is paved with good intentions–and nowhere is that more true than in charities.

You may have the best of intentions when you give your hard-earned money to a charity that claims to be dedicated to fighting a disease… but some of those organizations will put your money to work on a massive superhighway right to you-know-where.

That’s because many of those groups work so closely with Big Pharma they’re practically arms of the drug industry themselves.

Just take a look at the American Diabetes Association.

One diabetic blogger recently posted a link to the charity’s 2008 revenue data, which you can find right here.

The list of donors is a who’s who of Big Pharma, with the major drug companies kicking in a combined $19 million for 2008 alone–including $2.8 million from Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

In 2009, as a growing number of studies exposed the heart risks tied to the diabetes drug Avandia, the ADA urged diabetics to switch to Actos.

Actos is made by… that very same Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

A coincidence? You decide–but I can’t help but notice that the ADA didn’t mention the supplements that can help diabetics get off drugs completely, including chromium, cinnamon, and benfotiamine.

Nope. Just a drug made by a major corporate “partner.”

And the potential for conflict doesn’t end there… that’s just the beginning.

Take a closer look at their annual report, and you’ll find that they’ve created special categories for their biggest donors: the “Banting Circle Elite” for those who kick in more than $1 million, and the “Banting Circle” for those who give more than $500,000.

Every “circle” member–elite or otherwise–is a drug company.

Next, take a look online at their “Strategic Plan,” and you’ll find their internal goal is to “maximize corporate, pharmaceutical and foundation contributions” to achieve “an annual compound growth rate of 9.1 percent.”

That’s some goal… and who knows how many bargains they’ll have to make to reach it.

Here’s the real truth: The ADA pushes a high-carb lifestyle that will make the disease worse, not better. It also recommends statins for nearly everyone–not to mention drugs like the Actos I mentioned earlier.

Follow the ADA plan, and you’ll be sicker than ever–and more miserable, too, as your disease spirals out of control and you add a battle with drug side effects to the mix.

But you can beat diabetes without drugs. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how.


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