College and Debt

This is an excellent excellent video that all Americans should see.  It touches on so many truths that the mainstream media rarely talk about.  The points raised are:

-A college education has become increasingly worthless while becoming increasingly costly.

-Not getting a college degree is often more financially profitable, putting the lie to the common belief that college is always the right choice.

-The whole student loan program has turned into anther debt based time bomb with graduates either indebted for life or defaulting in mass.

-The internet is the future offering high quality education at cheap prices.

-Our service sector economy and especially lawyers and financial institutions do little to help the economy and often harm the economy.

-Hyperinflation is coming.

Higher education- like the medical complex, the military industrial complex, the financial industry, etc-is increasingly becoming a racket with high costs and diminishing returns on investment.  College is sold as the ticket to success, but most of the value of a college degree in the past was based on the fact that only a few top students went.  So having a degree showed that one was part of a cognitive and competency elite.  Today most people go to college, so exclusivity is lost and standards have inevitably dropped to the point where a degree is not worth much.  Only degrees from elite universities are still valuable, because they still select the most promising students.  In other words college does not make students smart, but selects smart students.  Quality in equals quality out.  Harvard graduates tend to do well, not because Harvard has amazing education, but because they have amazing students: bright, ambitious, competent, hard working…  These are the kinds of students who would do well with or without Harvard.  Harvard did not make them who they are.  They entered Harvard already set up to succeed.

Politically correct types and leftists do not want to admit this fact, and continue to presume that there is something magical and trans formative about college.   If only the poor black kid from Harlem could go to Harvard- like the rich white kids- he would be transformed into a smart, driven and productive member of society.   The reality is quite the opposite.  The average kid from Harlem would fail miserably at Harvard because he does not have the intellectual ability or drive that that average Harvard water walking student has.  Still this fiction is maintained because so many people keep pushing the idea that if we could only get everyone into college, we could turn the whole nation into smart productive upper middle class citizens.  An unholy alliance of anxious parents, young people worried about their future, leftists always looking for environmental factors to explain success/failure, financial institutions eager to get more and more people trapped into debt slavery, and politicians always looking for the easy magical solution to all our problems have come together to sell us this fairytale.  The reality is that college education has been steadily increasing for 40 years while the economy has gone no where.  Switzerland has one of the lowest rates of college attendance and one of the best economies in the world.

The fact is that there are only so many smart and competent people in any society.  Simply having people with mediocre minds and ambitions spend years of their lives in costly higher education institutions is not going to transform them into smart productive citizens and not going to help the economy.  These people should be employed in jobs commensurate with their ability, not wasting years getting a degree, getting into debt and working at McDonalds.  We so desperately want to believe that college for everyone is the answer, but it is not.  The only degrees that are really worth much are advanced technical and science degrees, or those that require a degree to work, like medicine.  The humanities are for those who like to learn interesting but vocationally useless things and have the money to indulge that hobby, and most business knowledge can be better acquired in internship programs or by working.

After high school, why not have people study for a year or two on what they are interested in with a focus on vocational training combined with an internship program?  If you want to work in marketing then study marketing for a year or two and then begin working.   Why does everyone have to study for 4 years?  Any why has education hardly advanced from the Renaissance?  We have all kinds of information technology including the internet which could offer multitudes of savings and improvements in quality of education, but still virtually all classes are done by a highly paid physical instructor.  Why not create an online course with the best instructors and multimedia possible and offer it to the populace for free or for very little money.  Once done it costs virtually nothing to maintain.

Finally a humanities education is sold as wonderful because it supposedly teaches students to think critically.  I did not see much that taught me to think critically in college.  Most of my critical thinking and understanding of the real world has come thru, travelling, talking to people, and reading.  Educators cannot bring up topics and facts and have the kind of open discussion and debate that really develops critical thinking.  There is simply too much PC in America to be honest about the truth.  In addition, universities are often hotbeds of leftist Marxists PC indoctrination.

My final advice is to think hard about the cost/benefits of college before doing it and don´t be persuaded by the facile propaganda that higher education is always the best choice.  If you are not rich, then think about whether that degree is really going to be worth it or not.  What will be your return on investment?  Start getting your critical thinking skills going, and learn to see thru the propaganda around us to the truth.  Just learning to actually think for yourself and see thru the marketing BS is worth more than a college degree.


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