Losing Our Innocence

Most Republicans supported and defended the Bush Administration in the early years.  But, by the end it had become clear to most conservatives that the Republican party has not lived up to the ideals of limited government, personal liberties and reform- that in essence the Republican party is fundamentally corrupt and more interested in pursing the interests of moneyed groups than in serving true conservative principles and values.  Thus rose the Tea Party protest movement and even today Conservatives do not in general have the loyalty and blind faith that they had 10 years ago when Bush only had to say “Trust Me” with a twinkle in his eye and those on the right en mass would do so.

When Obama won, for leftists and Democrats who had chaffed under the incompetence, corruption and heavy handedness of Bush for 8 years, this seemed to be the golden moment.  Not only was the wicked witch dead, but they had a new savior to replace him.  Obama represented for so many on the left a politically correct wet dream.  He was half black (and therefore all black) so he fed on white guilt and redemption, he went to Harvard so he had the elitist intellectual credentials, he could vaguely be compared to Kennedy so he promised a return to the 1960s for the baby boomers in mourning over their lost youth, and he gave great speeches. which allowed people to relate to him emotionally rather than logically.  Obama´s platform was virtually identical to other Democrats and his record was very thin, but none of that mattered to a population in pain and wanting a savior.  We could have confronted our problems with reason and logic like adults, but instead chose to believe in fairy tales-that if we just voted in Obama (the savior) everything would magically be OK.  Thus the collective hysteria towards Obama during the election.

Now,- surprise!- we find out that Obama is actually mortal and a pretty normal politician up to his ears in deal making and influence peddling.  Just as Republicans have lost their innocence under Bush I believe that lots of Democrats are losing their innocence under Obama once they realize how corrupt the current administration is.

This trend is actually a good one.  More Americans need to become independents and stop blindly voting for their party out of tribal loyalty.  We need to hold our leaders accountable and that is not going to happen as long as people only vote for their own party.

This trend has accelerated mainly I believe because the country is on the wrong track and people know it.  If things are going fine then it is much easier for people to overlook corruption, but when the mud hits the fan people start looking for who is responsible.   The same is true for inflated government worker compensation.  During the good years no one much cared if the average civil servant was paid double someone in the private sector.  Now that states are broke, this indulgence is coming under the spotlight.


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