A tragicomic story about the TSA here:



“It turns out the little terrorists really were hiding bombs up their anus, but not the kind of bombs the TSA was hoping to find. It’s a masterpiece of comedy, actually: Infant minds searching an infant anus to find an infant poop bomb. It must give these TSA workers a real sense of satisfaction to know they’re keeping the skies safe from the contents of the average baby’s diapers. I suppose if the government finally shuts down the TSA now that Bin Laden is dead, they can always get new jobs as nannies.”

As you know the TSA has morphed from what was considered to be a reasonable attempt to upgrade security at airports after 9/11, into a mini police state not only full of heavy handed civil rights abuses, but downright corruption and stealing from passengers, as well as dangerous scanners using radiation.   The TSA is corrupt, abusive and incompetent.  It needs to radically be be reformed.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032401_TSA_Texas.html#ixzz1MQPsZc36

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