I have long worried about immigration and its effects both in terms of importing mass poverty from the 3rd world and also about how quality of life and sustainability decreases/collapses beyond a certain population density.  Our government and businesses, who control the media and educational system, constantly send us the message that immigration and population growth is both inevitable and good, mainly because both businesses and government want to continually grow.  So the nation pays the price for their avarice.

In the US trying to control immigration and have a rational policy is very difficult because strong forces on both the left and right support mass immigration.   The left can´t wait for the browning of America in the hopes of turning whites into a minority and dis empowering them.  The business dominated right loves immigration because immigrants represent a wonderful source of cheap exploitable labor free from work rules.  Together they fight against the common will of the people and usually win.

The following video is instructive:

The fact is that the greatest threat to our world is out of control population growth.  It is ironic that, with the word “sustainability” being so much in vogue, that environmentalists are not constantly beating the drum about population growth.  Instead they are virtually silent on the matter due to political correctness, which also makes me wonder if they are really serious about confronting environmental problems, or if they are more interested in playing the game of politics.  The reality is that the problems of habitat destruction, burning fossil fuels, pollution, food shortages, water shortages, etc, etc, etc. are all aggravated by ever increasing populations.

The other problem is that we will never be able to overcome poverty unless the poor stop producing the majority of new babies.  The Economist had a statistic showing how the world´s population is increasingly composed of people from poor countries due to their higher birth rate.  The reality is that poverty is heavily inherited and the best way to promote poverty if for the poor to have more kids…which is exactly what is happening now.

With places like Africa being so primitive and the Muslim world keeping women in the breeding business, I see little reason that population growth will slow significantly in that part of the world.   If they cannot or will not confront their problems that is too bad, and we should help them as best as we can, but we should not allow ourselves to be drowned in a spillover wave of endless poor immigrants trying to escape their overcrowded dysfunctional countries.


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