One of the aspects in our lives which we lack so much of is silence and peace.  Our world is so over stimulated and loud and stressed that we get very little time to actually repose in peace.  Eventually not having sound around can seen unsettling and we constantly seek noise in our environment.  I see how so many families constantly have the TV on even when no one is watching.  This constant noise makes it harder for us to concentrate and focus.  Here is an excerpt from an article:

“If you think about how often there are sound differences during a TV show, you begin to see how disrupted both play and language were for young children within earshot. These disruptions, however brief, prevented the child from developing sustained, focused play or vocalizing and “completing a thought,” as it were.

When experienced over and over, the brain may not learn how to have sustained focus and attention. The pattern of distractability and loss of focus may become the child’s norm and undoing that pattern may be impossible as he gets older.

Bottom line: Turn off the TV while your child is awake. Tape what you really want to see and watch it on your own.”

From The Detroit News:

One Response to Silence

  1. Colline says:

    What you say is so true. Even when the tv is turned off, and the radio, the constant noise from outside (the noises of construction, mowing, traffic)prevents one from ever experiencing true silence.

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