We get the government that we deserve

I like this quote about how we need to grow up:

“The problem is us, not Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Bush or Clinton. WE allowed this mess to happen. WE elected empty suits that bought votes with borrowed money. WE didn’t support people for office that were boring yet frugal and principled, because they were bald, uninspiring, and dull personality wise. When we get smart and stop blaming the usual suspects above, rise above partisan politics and accept the truth that we have no one but us to blame for allowing this mess to happen by electing fools with no common sense, handing out free lunches on the falacious premise that someone else will pay for it, only then will we solve the problem.

ALL OF US are going to have to share the burden of cleaning up this mess that we caused by being lax and not watching and firing those that mismanaged our money. When we all grow up and out of this blame game and put the blame squarely where it belongs, ON US, we will solve the problem and we will stop this foolish excuse that its one party’s fault or another.”


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